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LeShan Giant Buddha
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leshan giant buddha
LeShan Giant Buddha
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LeShan Giant Buddha

How To Plan LeShan Giant Buddha Tour From Chengdu

Leshan Giant Buddha Transportation

there is 155 KM from chengdu to leshan,so it’s important to compare the price and time,then choose convenient transportation way which fit you.

Leshan Giant Buddha Tour Map

leshan giant buddha tour map
leshan giant buddha
leshan giant buddha tour map
leshan giant buddha tour map

Leshan Giant Buddha Tour Time

There are 2 ways to travel leshan giant buddha.
• if you choose river cruise,the session only last 15 mins,please attention.
• if you choose to hike up the mountain, the visiting time is 2-3 hours.
• for most senior and elderly, the river cruise is better option.

Leshan Giant Buddha Climb The Mount River Cruise
Time Tour for 2-3 Hours 15 mins
physical a lot of walking hiking invloved very easy to board and get off
Crowded queue 0.5-2 hours for cliff walking down queue 1-20 mins
temple visiting yes no

Leshan Giant Buddha Tickets

The original Ticket-selling Window at entrance gate already be demolished.don’t exist yet.
Boat Cruise Tickets : position seen above map.have tickets box
Mount Admission Tickets :99% auto-machine sold (at entrace gate sqaure), only accept china wechat or alipay payment.
now 2018, if you want to buy Mount Admission Tickets by cash, it’s really hard and unconvient for foreigner without tour guide,because the only palce is 2KM far from entrance gate, And not obivious to find.

The location between boat cruise tickets and mount admission tickets is separate, different place
you can not get the mount admission tickets by paying cash at the entrance gate

How to Get To Mount Emei (FOOT) from LeShan Giant Buddha

from Leshan Giant Buddha to mount emei
from leshan giant buddha to mount emei(foot),car ride time is about 1 hour.

Leshan Restaurant

seriously don’t eat Restaurant at around leshan giant buddha, even chinese be scum, let alone foreigners
right place for meal is leshan city, for meal, westchinago choose the local old and popular Restaurant with >100 years history
our clients almost 100% satisfactory.

for leshan food and snack detail, you can check http://www.westchinago.com/leshan-gourmet.html

Leshan Hotel

usually tourist won’t choose overnight at leshan city, instead they will come back to chengdu at same day.
if you have a trip to mount emei after visiting leshan, we suggest you choose hotel in mount emei.

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1Day LeShan Buddha Tour from Chengdu

High speed rail experience: from 318 USD/person

1Day ChengDu Panda +LeShan Buddha Tour

Panda +Buddha experience: from 396 USD/person