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Chengdu WestChinaGo Travel Service

为到成都旅游的客户 提供高效 可靠的旅游租车和包车服务,所有车辆均为正规合法的注册运营车辆,司机都是大于40岁的经验丰富的老师傅 服务意识强 态度好 让你的旅游出行更加安全轻松和简单

Chengdu Car Rental


车型:大众 雪佛来 TOYOTA。。。。

  • 1天 成都-乐山大佛:1000 RMB
  • 1天 成都-峨眉山(山脚):1000 RMB
  • 1天 成都-都江堰:700 RMB
  • 1天 成都-青城山:700 RMB
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+86 135-4089-3980
Chengdu Car Rental


车型:别克 BPV GL8

  • 1天 成都-乐山大佛:1500 RMB
  • 1天 成都-峨眉山(山脚)::1500 RMB
  • 1天 成都-都江堰:1100 RMB
  • 1天 成都-青城山:1100 RMB
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+86 135-4089-3980
JiuZhaiGou Car Rental


  • 九寨沟机场到九寨沟
  • 九寨沟到黄龙
  • 九寨沟到 九寨沟机场
  • 黄龙到 九寨沟机场
  • 九寨沟到 黄龙
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  • 往返包车和酒店接送
  • 经验丰富的驾驶员
  • 汽车保险
  • 过路费
  • 停车费,油钱


  • 导游服务
  • 客人自己消费
  • 景区门票
  • 司机过夜费 假如行程大于2天
  • 司机餐费补贴 一般为25/餐.

1.Q:Is  the driver qualified,and how to communicate?

A:Alll the drivers we work with are very reliable lisensed driver,at least 5 years driving experience.For the adventure tour like west sichuan and other mountain areas,they are all professional driver who run the route all the time.

But,most of drivers can not speak or understand foreign languages,Westchinago team or your guide will fully assisst you during your trip.

2.Q:Is the vehicle safe and remain good condition?

A:Driver will check the car condition,make sure no damage before go.And all the vehicles we use are with with air-conditioning,well taken care by the driver,and with car insurance.

3.Q:How much should I tip if the driver and guide meet the satisfaction?

A:Tip for driver and guide is not forced but expected in China,according to the service,,usually will be for your guide:70-200rmb/day,for your driver:50-150rmb/day.

4.Q:How do I book?

A:After your consulting,we will sent you the booking information according to your requirement.And we will charge 50% of the whole car rental fee for the final confirmation.

Please Note:

During the busiest time of the year,from August-October,the price may be rise a little bit.When booking,please contact us for the exact price.

1According China Law,foreigner is not permitted to Drive.So driver is not you
2Driver with English speaking,good manner,experienced and good driving skill,without habit of smoking,drunk
3For Children,we specially equipped with safty chair
4Tips is expected.not compulsory,depend on the approval of service.
5Driver will undertake himself the expense in the process of Car rental,such as toll gate fee,petrol cost.meal
6The quotation usually not include the all tickets for attraction spots