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The following is chengdu gourmet map, you can check snack and food with photo, video,food’s price, how to order, how to tell taxi driver restaurant’s Chinese address,even if you don’t speak chinese, you can manage your food.
in this way, you won’t join any food tour,saving a lot of money, Eat Like a Local, it takes time to finish this, westchinago is improving …..

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ChengDu Food Tour

chengdu hot pot
Chengdu Food & Restaurants

With its bold and heavily seasoned signature taste Sichuan has, in our opinion, the best food in China.

There are hundreds of dishes to choose from – check out this translated menu of Sichuan dishes – featuring dozens of hot soups, tasty appetizers, complex and delicious main courses, and the legendary hot pot: a simmering pot of fondue with a spicy kick. If you’re adventurous you’ll find dozens of items on the menu that’ll have you scratching your head, but Kung Pao Chicken and a dozen varieties of fried rice are on nearly every street corner as well. To find out more about Sichuan cuisine and food in Chengdu, read about Sichuan Food in Chengdu.

Even with the local cuisines virtually endless variety, there’s no doubt about it: most foreigners in China still develop a powerful craving for Western food that’s fulfilled by a handful of high-quality restaurants. As with most places in China, a lot of the Western food that you find in Chengdu is sub-par compared to what most of us are used to getting in our home countries. Pizza is a notoriously risky choice in China as they often replace tomato sauce with ketchup and add bizarre toppings that you didn’t request. Fortunately, there are a few good Western restaurants in Chengdu which serve authentic Western specialties like juicy burgers, melty nachos, fat steaks, and crispy salads. Check out our three favorites and read more about Western Food in Chengdu.

A Sichuan Restaurant Menu Translated: Stir Fry Dishes
Sichuan Cuisine

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How to order in restaurant without knowing chinese

The following practical info for order:
order menu:菜单
seasonal vegetables:蔬菜
fried meat:炒肉
Crispy duck:脆皮鸭

Noodles with soy bean paste Beijing style:杂酱面
Spicy chicken cubes with peanuts:宫爆鸡丁
Yuxiang shredded pork:鱼香肉丝
stirring shredded pork:炒肉丝
Scrambled egg with to tomato:西红柿炒蛋
soft-fried pork fillet:软炸里脊
stewed pig hoof in clean soup:清炖猪蹄
crisp fried spareribs:香酥排骨
tender stewed fish:水煮嫩鱼
Sweet and Sour Spare ribbons:糖醋排骨
Twice-Cooked Pork: 回锅肉
Water Boiled Fish:水煮鱼
Mapo Tofu:麻婆豆腐
boiled fish with pickled cabbage and chili:酸菜鱼
don’t too spicy:别太辣了

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