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Chengdu-Leshan-Mount Emei BUS

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It is 100 miles (about 162 kilometers) from Chengdu City to Leshan City if one travels by the expressway. Visitors can take a long-distance bus from Chengdu Xinnanmen Bus Station to Leshan Xiaoba Bus station, and then change to city bus 13 to this site.With a distance of 31kilometers (about 19 miles),

the city is also connected with Emei City by a freeway, and there is a regular bus every ten minutes. Besides, there are buses to/from Chongqing, Neijiang, Zigong, Yibin and Ya’an. Buses to nearby counties are also available.

Xinnanmen Bus Station (Tourism Bus Center)

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It plays a role as a Tour Bus Center of the city and provides service to renowned scenic spots, includingJiuzhaigou, Leshan Giant Buddha, Mt. Emei, and Mt. Qingcheng, etc.
Chinese name: 新南门汽车站 (xīn nán mén qì chē zhàn)
Location: No.57, Linjiang Road, Xinnanmen, Wuhou District
Transportation: Bus no. 28, 48, 82, 237, and 904; subway line 1 (Huaxiba Station)
Opening Time: 06:30 – 19:30

Bus Station Tickets From ChengDu To LeShan Time
XinNanMen 47 RMB/per 07:00AM -19:00AM shift/interval 30 mins LeShan 2 hour
ShiYangChang 47 RMB/per 07:00AM -19:00AM shift/interval 30 mins leshan 2 hour
Bus Station Tickets From ChengDu To Mount Emei Time
XinNanMen 50 RMB/per 07:00AM -19:00AM shift/interval 30 mins Mount Emei 3 hour

Chengdu to Emei Mountain Emeishan

* Notice:After you arrive leshan bus station,you will transfer by public bus or take a taxi,about half an hour for arrival of leshan giant buddha..

Chengdu xinnanmen bus Station

Chengdu xinnanmen bus Station

  • Chinese Name: 成都新南门汽车站
  • Xiaotianzhu, Wuhou, Chengdu, China, 610000
  • +86 28 6677 1777
  • Metro:line 3@get off xinnanmen

ChengDu Xinnanmen Bus Station
Xinnanmen Bus Station, also plays the role as Chengdu Tourism Bus Center, is located on No.57, Linjiang Road of Wuhou District. It is about 1.6 miles (2.5 kilometers)from city center (Tianfu Square), 4.3 miles (7 kilometers) from Railway Station, and 11.2 miles (18 kilometers)from Shuangliu International Airport. It is a coach station that mainly operates long-distance buses to attraction sites or cities with popular scenic spots nearby Chengdu, including Mt. Emei, Leshan Giant Buddha, Jiuzhaigou Valley, and Bifeng Gorge Base of China Panda Protection and Research Center.

In addition, Chadianzi Bus Station on No.29, Fifth Section, West Third Ring Road of Jinniu District plays a role as its branch, which also operates buses to attraction spots, including Jiuzhaigou Valley, Nuoergai Grassland, and Songpan (famous for Songpan Ancient Town).

The terminal building of the Xinnanmen Station is not big. All facilities, including ticket windows, security check, waiting hall and boarding gates are on the first floor. Upon entering it, passengers can find ticket windows to the left hand and security check and waiting hall right in front. Inside the waiting hall, there are toilets, hot drinking water, and stands selling snacks for passengers’ convenience.


Tickets are available 5 days prior to departure on normal days and 10 days prior during holidays like National Day holiday and Spring Festival. Passengers can get them upon arrival at the stations or from agencieslocated in the city.

Tickets are changeable and refundable at certain charges before departure and less than an hour after departure: service fee of 10% of the original ticket fare will be charged when changing/ refunding a ticket over 2 hours ahead of departure; 20% less than 2 hours ahead; 50% less than 1 hour after departure. When the bus has left over an hour ago, the ticket cannot be changed and refunded any more.

Some ticket agencies in downtown:

Some ticket agencies in downtown:
East Railway Station: Zone 01, Platform Mezzanine
Tonghuimen (near Wide and Narrow Alley): No.25, Tonghuimen Street, Qingyang District
Yingbin Avenue: No.8, F1, Building 1, No. 199, Yingbin Avenue, Jinniu District
Dragon Pool Temple (Longtan Temple): Bottom floor, Longjin Square, No.66, West Longtan Road, Chenghua District

Schedule to Major Stops

From To Attractions Departure Duration Ticket Price (CNY)
Xinnanmen Bus Station Leshan Xiaoba Bus Station Leshan Giant Buddha 07:20 – 19:35* 2.5 hrs 47
Emei Tour Bus Center (Baoguo Temple Station) Mt. Emei 07:20 – 19:20* 3 hrs 50
Jiuzhaigou Tour Bus Center (near entrance of Jiuzhaigou Valley) Liuzhaigou Valley 08:00^ 8 – 9 hrs 143
Mt. Qingcheng (front mountain) Mt. Qingcheng 08:50^ 1.5hrs 18
Bifengxia Bifengxia Gorge Panda Base 07:10 – 19:30* 2.5 hrs 49
Hailuogou Trumpet Shell Valley 09:30 ^ 7 hrs 138
Yajiang Kang-ba Culture, Ancient Tea-horse Road 07:00, 07:30 10 – 11 hrs 183
Kangding Mt. Gongga 07:10, 14:00* 6 – 7 hrs 138/148/159
Daocheng Yading Scenic Area 10:00 24-25 hrs
The bus stops running and stays in Kangding at night.
Luding Trumpet Shell Valley, Mt. Gongga, Mt. Erlang 07:30, 08:30, 10:00, 12:00 6 hrs 121
Mingshan Mt. Mengding 08:00 – 18:50* 2 hrs 42
Pujiang Chaoyang Lake, Stone Elephant Lake 07:40 – 19:10* 1.5 hrs 27
Meishan Memorial Temple of Three Sus (San Su Ci), Wawushan National Forest Park 07:20 – 18:50* 1.5 hrs 29
Xinjin Mt. Laojun, Flower Dance World 07:20 – 18:50* 50m 16
Southern Bamboo Sea Southern Bamboo Sea 09:10, 15:30 6 hrs 118
Beihai, Guangxi Silver Beach, Wenchang Pagoda, Dongpo Pavilion 12:00 24 hrs 550
Lijiang, Yunnan Lijiang Ancient Town, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Dongba Culture 12:00 16 – 17 hrs 340