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China Students Tours

China Students Tours,China Educational Tour Activities
ChengDu Panda Keeper
1 day dujiangyan panda volunteer tour

ChengDu Panda Tours

ChengDu Panda
DuJiangYan Panda
WoLong Panda
BiFengXia Panda

World Cultural Heritage Around ChengDu:

LeShan Buddha
Emei Mountain
Mount QingCheng

China ChengDu Tours

2019 chengdu tour

China Students Tours

  • Address:China
  • Transportation:Flight + Bus
  • Tour Itinerary: BeiJing/Shanghai/XiAn/ChengDu/GuiLin/…
  • Edu Activity: custom making according to interests and demands
  • Contact Tel:(+86) 135 4089 3980
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China students Tours

China students Tours
China students Tours

ChengDu Tour Package

1 Day DuJiangYan | WoLong Panda Volunteer Tour

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2 Days ChengDu LeShan + Emei Mountain Tours

2 Days ChengDu LeShan + Emei Mountain Tours

2 Days ChengDu LeShan + Emei Mountain Tours

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2019 chengdu tour 2019 chengdu tour
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China students Tours

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