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  • guilin elephant trunk mount

GuiLin Elephant Trunk Hill

Visiting Time:1-2hours
tickets: 70 CNY/person
Phone: +86 (0773-2215218);(0773-2206800)
GuiLin Elephant Trunk Hill:
how to get:乘坐2、16、23、33、57、58及旅游观光1路公交车即可到达。

GuiLin Elephant Trunk Hill

• Taking the Elephant Trunk Hill as the main body, the Taohua River in the city is injected into the Lijiang River. The southern end of Binjiang Road is named after its mountain shape resembling a giant elephant like Linjiang River.
• The lifelike image is fascinating and is regarded as the representative of Guilin landscape, the symbol of Guilin City. The city center logo of Guilin is Xiangshan.
• 象山公园山孤拔陡峭,岩石古苍,崖间藤萝攀援,山榕依附。这里历来为旅游胜地,旖旎的风光,神奇的形象,动人的传说,倾倒了多少文人雅士。
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