How To Get to Xian Terracotta Warriors by Bus

By Bus
Take a regular tourist bus from the east square of Xian Railway Station to QingShiHuang Terracotta Warriors,A single trip takes 1 hour or so.
(bus station starting point locates at east square of xian railway station),bus will stop half way at HUAQINGCHI, don’t get off, the terminal is Terracotta Warriors,after your arriving,walking 5 mins to tickets windows.
Step1: First Arriving the Xian Train Station East square

1 By Metro
Xian Subway Line Map,(click to enlarge) xian railway station is conjuction of line 4 (green)and line 12(light yellow)
2 By Bus
Bus Line to train station:28、309 800、221、208、603、600、616、36、704.
3 By Taxi

Practical Chinese for taxi driver:
请载我们到西安火车站东广场 (不是西安北站高铁站)
Xian Railway Station ≠ Xian North Railway Station
Xian North Railway Station—High Speed Railway.

Step:2:Hop on Bus Line 游5 306
xian tour

By Bus:Line:306 游5
Starting Place:XiAn Train Station East Square(西安火车站东广场)map
Tickets:7 RMB/pcs single trip
Step:3:Walking about 5 mins
after you get off from bus, just walk about 5 mins to tickets box, follow the mainstream.
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How To Get To QinShiHuang Terracotta Warriors

How To Get To QinShiHuang Terracotta Warriors
How To Get To QinShiHuang Terracotta Warriors

How to get to Terracotta Warriors from Xian Airport(xianyang airport)

option 1. there are airport shuttle bus to Xian Railway Station, whose duration is about 1 hour, and then take tourist bus line 5 (游5–306) to the Terracotta Warriors in another one hour.
option 2. Take airport shuttle bus to Lintong (临潼)临潼in one hour, and then take bus Lintong line 101 to the Terracotta Warriors about 15 minutes.