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How to get to xian

how to get to xian

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XianYang(xi’an) airport
Xi’an xianyang airport already open more than 60 city direct airline from domestic and oversea. locate at north-west of xi’an city.and have distance of 50 KM from xi’an.
airport bus by express way to xi’an city need 1 hours.the terminal is xishaomen.
the ticket office from xi’an city to airport is at xishaomen.ticket fee is 30 RMB/Per
Xi’an airport bus
runing time:6:00AM–18:00PM;

  • Line 1:机场 钟楼
  • Line 2:机场 秦丰酒店 火车站
  • Line 3:机场 秦都酒店(玉祥门)西梢门 火炬大厦(西高新高新路)
  • Line 4:机场 唐城宾馆 东方大酒店 国贸大厦(小寨)
  • Line 5:机场 皇后大酒店 建国饭店(金花路)
  • Line 6:机场 咸阳火车站 渭城中学 咸阳市政府 民生商厦 彩虹宾馆