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How To Plan ChengDu Tour

PersonAuthor:Lily Chen Nov-14-2018

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chengdu tour

Best Time To ChengDu

get to ChengDu by flight mapflight to ChengDu map

from march to june is best time to chengdu,
the temperature is moderate,
the scenery is good, not fade away

Please be precarious for National holidays day: very crowded
• Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) 春节
• Labor Day 劳动节
• National Day 国庆节
• Tomb-sweeping Day 清明节

Top ChengDu Tourist Attractions

  • ChengDu Panda Base
    ChengDu Panda Base
  • DuJiangYan Panda Base
    DuJiangYan Panda Base
  • ChengDu JinLi
    ChengDu JinLi
  • ChengDu KuanZhai Alley
    ChengDu KuanZhai Alley
  • ChengDu ChunXi Road
    ChengDu ChunXi Road
  • ChengDu TaiKooli
    ChengDu TaiKooli
  • WenShu Temple
    ChengDu WenShu Temple
  • Chengdu TianFu Square
    Chengdu TianFu Square
  • LeShan Giant Buddha
    LeShan Giant Buddha
  • Mount Emei
    Mount Emei
  • JiuZhaiGou
  • DuJiangYan Irrigation System
    DuJiangYan Irrigation System

Things To Do In ChengDu

  • ChengDu Face Changing Show 

    ChengDu Face Changing Show
  • ChengDu Hot Pot 

    ChengDu Hot Pot
  • ChengDu ChunXi Road 

    ChengDu ChunXi Road
  • ChengDu People's Park 

    ChengDu People’s Park
  • ChengDu bar 

    ChengDu Bar
  • ChengDu Food Tour 

    ChengDu Food Tour

How to choose Travel Agency In ChengDu

Insider Insight
Don’t order any tour package from tour platform, if you don’t mind spending your money wastefully.
because any tour platform will charge 25% commission,
if you order 100 USD, 25 usd out of 100 is gain of tour platform.
do you think who pay this extra ? and who will pay gooogle AD cost by displaying the AD top first?

  • Don’t order day tour package from Viator
  • Don’t order day tour package from Tripadvisor
  • Don’t order day tour package from Getyourguide
  • Don’t order day tour package from xpedia
  • Don’t order day tour package from tourbylocal

chengdu tour

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ChengDu tourist Map
ChengDu Panda Breeding and Research Center tourist map
ChengDu dujiangyan tourist map
ChengDu tour Panorama
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By Air

USA EURO already open the direct line to chengdu,.
144 hours visa free
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By Railway

from xian to chengdu:3.5 hours
from chengdu to chongqing: 2 hours
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