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How To Plan DuJiangYan Irrigation System Tour from chengdu


DuJiangYan Irrigation System have more than 2300 years history,now still in use, great project with grandeur.
How To Plan DuJiangYan Irrigation System Tour from chengdu

• Chinese Name: 都江堰水利工程
• Address: DuJiangYan City,SiChuan China(60 KM from chengdu)
• Opening Time:8:00-18:00
• Recommended Visiting Time:half day
• Tickets 80 RMB
• Sightseeing Car 15 RMB/ round trip; 10 RMB/single trip
• offical website: www.djy517.com

Best Time To Go

July, August is best time to visit dujiangyan irrigation system.
when summer, dujiangyan irrigation system still have moderate temperature.comfortable
and the water color is jade green and you can see splendid scenery

ChengDu dujiangyan tourist map

How to Get To DuJiangYan Irrigation System:

By Charter CAR:
• 5 seats car:115 USD
• 7 seats car:155 USD

By Bus:

By Train:
Dujiangyan Irrigation System Tour

How To Visit DuJiangYan Irrigation System:

the following visit way is best and easy and efficent, because:

  • save your energy,WestChinaGo driver will direct send you to the top-mountain’s entrance tickets box. visit from top to bottom,easy and relax.and panorama view from the top
  • regular visit is from the foot to the mountain, in this way, very tired, when you back you have to repeatedly cover the itinerary that you come.
  • shorten the unnecessary time, otherwise you will spend more time wastefully.
  •  Visit DuJiangYan Irrigation System

    step 1:visit from top entrance,visit qinyanlou and erwang temple
  •  Visit DuJiangYan Irrigation System

    step 2:visit hanging bridge and fish mouth
  •  Visit DuJiangYan Irrigation System

    step 3:walk along with river scenery
  •  Visit DuJiangYan Irrigation System

    step 4:visit the baopingkou
  •  Visit DuJiangYan Irrigation System

    step 5:exit to parking lot

DuJiangYan Irrigation System Video:

[iframe src=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/261053716″ width=”100%” height=”525″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”allowfullscreen”]
[iframe src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/KKkwb00MeEM” width=”100%” height=”525″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=”true”]
DuJiangYan Irrigation System Panorama
[iframe src=”https://720yun.com/t/2b3jkd4vzO0?pano_id=3576761″ width=”100%” height=”715″ frameborder=”0″ bgcolor=”#000000″ target=”_blank” allowfullscreen=”true”][iframe src=”https://720yun.com/t/22521upOqew?pano_id=1572755″ width=”100%” height=”715″ frameborder=”0″ bgcolor=”#000000″ allowfullscreen=”true”]
DuJiangYan Irrigation System Tourist Map

DuJiangYan Irrigation System Tourist Map

 DuJiangYan Irrigation System tour

Around DuJiangYan Irrigation System Tour:

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