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How to Plan Yangtze River Cruise tour

Step 1: First Define the time you are going to visit.

Step 2: confirm Upstream(from yichang to chongqing) or Downstream(from chongqing to yichang)

Step 3: there is about 7 shipping company.every company have 1-7 ships.the main itinerary is almost same.but the schedule is different.choose the cruise ship suit to you.

Step 4: check the ship’s appearance, parameter, and inner side.different room type;time;nationality have a different seems little complicated…

Step 5: according to your timetable and choice, westchinago travel service offer you a quotation for your reference.

Step 6: westchinago will help you buy high-speed train tickets to chongqing or wuhan or shanghai ahead of time,for your reference

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china yangtze river cruise tour
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