jiuzhaigou entertainment

With more and more visitors coming to Jiuzhaigou every year, the tourist industry of this region has sprung up vigorously. Now visitors can relax and enjoy a rich and interesting nightlife after their visits.The first choice for an evening here is the exotic dancing and singing performance of local Tibetan and Qiang people. The ethnic groups in China are well known for being good singers and dancers, expressing their various emotions in daily life.


Jiuzhai Paradise Theater,

located in the star-rated hotel of Jarpo Town, organizes a wonderful performance every night. Actors and actresses, wearing colorful Tibetan and Qiang national costumes, perform joyful songs and powerful dances to express their beauty and bravery. Some national musical instruments are played during religious activities and Tibetan weddings. Audiences are invited to participate in the TibetanĀ  Guozhuang dance, usually held during some important festival or event. People sing and dance in a circle, changing their movement according to the musical rhythm.

To spend a quiet night after the day’s adventure, go toBianbian Street (near the entrance of Jiuzhaigou Valley) to sample a cup of unique Tibetan coffee leisurely or visit an exotic shop. This street, along with the wandering Baishui River, can also be a special destination area. There are pubs here where people can have drinks, meet fellow travelers and share their experiences and stories.Jiu Zhai Paradise, the most luxurious hotel built in Jiuzhaigou, also has some good areas for visitors to spend their evenings. The Paradise Ma Bang Pub, decorated in Tibetan style, is a comfortable place to have a drink. A hot spring bath in the Tian Yu Hot Spring Resort of Jiu Zhai Paradise can be rejuvenating after a long day’s journey.