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JiuZhai Valley

JiuZhai Valley
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World Natural Heritage, National AAAAA Level Scenic Spot, National Nature Reserve, National Geopark, World Biosphere Reserve Network

2019 jiuzhaigou tours

JiuZhaiGou National Park is being the state of close now, when to re-open still unkown.

JiuZhaiGou huanglong Tour JiuZhaiGou huanglong Tour

China JiuZhaiGou

China JiuZhaiGou

  • Chinese Name: 九寨沟
  • Address:, jiuzhaigou,SiChuan,China(424 KM from chengdu)
  • Visiting Time: 3-4 Days
  • Tickets:258 RMB/per
  • Recommended Visiting Time:1-2days
  • Tickets: ¥220 (ON SEASON)
  • Sightseeing Bus: ¥90 CNY
  • Open Time : 8:00-18:00
  • Website : https://www.jiuzhai.com/
  • Tel : 0837-7739753
chengdu jiuzhaigou tour
2019 jiuzhaigou

Jiuzhai Valley or Jiuzhaigou National Park is located in the Aba Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, South Western China(400 KM from chengdu). It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1992.

Jiuzhaigou is a valley valley with a depth of more than 50 km. Jiuzhai Valley literally means “Nine Village Valley” and is named after the nine Tibetan villages scattered throughout the park. There is evidence of people living in the national park up to 3,000 years and the local people still hold onto many of their traditional ways of life. The human population of the park is just over 1,000 which comprises of over 110 families.

The superb landscapes of Jiuzhai Valley are famous for their conic karst land forms and spectacular waterfalls and colorful lakes,snow mount. as if jiuzhaigou is palette upset by god, the breath-taking scenery will let you into fairytale world, There are over 220 bird species found in Jiuzhai Valley as well as a number of endangered plant and animal species, including the precious giant panda, Sichuan golden monkey ……

chengdu jiuzhaigou tour

JiuZhaiGou Tours

JiuZhaiGou huanglong Tour

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3 Day ChengDu jiuzhaigou tour
4 Day ChengDu jiuzhaigou tour
4 Day ChengDu jiuzhaigou tour

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chengdu jiuzhaigou tour

JiuZhaiGou Join-in Tour

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3 Days JiuZhaiGou + HuangLong Tour(Chinese-Speaking Tour Guide)
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