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Shanghai Happy Circus Show

Shanghai Happy Circus Show

  • Shanghai Happy Circus Show
  • Name:上海马戏城 (Shanghai Circus World)
  • Add:上海市静安区共和新路2801号中剧场 (2801 Gonghexin Rd, Zhabei Qu, Shanghai Shi, China)
  • Tel:021-31375911
  • Time:start from 10:00 AM and 14:00 AM
  • Duration:The show is expected to last for about 90 minutes

Shanghai Happy Circus Show

The circus performance of the Shanghai Circus is international, and the attendance rate of each performance is very high.

It completely subverts the concept of actor and animal in the traditional circus. In the whole program, there are fewer scenes of the animals being tamed by the actors, more scenes of animals’ cheerful, cozy, free, and often the animal shape of the actors and the anthropomorphic performance of the animals, through the interaction and role of actors and animals. The exchanges are to reflect the equality of animals and people to convey human respect for animals and nature.

  • Shanghai Happy Circus Show have several price level
  • after you receive our pin,go youself to reception counter to redeem tickets
Shanghai Happy Circus Show

There are two shows in Shanghai Circus City, and the other one is Era Acrobatics Show.

Shanghai Happy Circus Show

Number PRICE
1 Person USD p/p
2 Person USD p/p
3 Person USD p/p
4 Person USD p/p
5 Person USD p/p

Shanghai Happy Circus Show

Price Inclusions:

  • Shanghai Happy Circus Show Tickets

Price Exclusions:

  • private round trip transportation
  • English speaking tour guide
  • extra personal expense
  • hotel pick up and drop off
1)Shanghai Happy Circus Show:All visitors (including children) have a full ticket, no child tickets, no discount tickets.

Necessary Information:

  1. ShangHai Hotel Name
  2. Participant’s Name, Age
  3. Travel Date

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