2019 Wolong Panda Reserve Volunteer

$ 390.0$ 1,000.0

Panda Volunteer Total Cost
1 Person 390 USD
2 Person 510 USD
3 Person 690 USD
4 Person 840 USD
5 Person 1000 USD


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ChengDu Wolong Panda Reserve Tour

1 Day Wolong Panda Reserve Volunteer Tour

  • it’s Best Panda Volunteer experience in china
  • Much less visited, travelers can find your inner peace here.Wolong panda base is 2h driving distance away from Chengdu, hard to access.It remain peaceful and tranquil even during public holidays.
  • Unbeatable nature environment,Unlike Chengdu panda base which locates just at the surburb of Chengdu city.
    Wolong panda base is in the original habitat for wild pandas, where surrounded by the crystal clear spring, snowy mountain.
  • Active pandas all year round,Stay cool even in hot summer, travelers will always see active pandas.
    In Chengdu panda base,pandas will stay in air-conditioning enclosure during summer time travelers can barely see active pandas after 10pm.
  • You will see most panda babies in Wolong
Travelers can work as panda keeper to enter the working area ,see the panda daily life behind the curtain.
Clean the cage, pick up panda pu pu, smashing bamboo and feed panda face to face….

ChengDu Wolong Panda Reserve Tour

Number PRICE
1 Person 390 USD p/p
2 Person 255 USD p/p
3 Person 230 USD p/p
4 Person 210 USD p/p
5 Person 200 USD p/p

wolong panda reserve volunteer

Price Inclusions:

  • WoLong panda volunteer program
  • private chengdu WoLong panda base round trip transportation
  • WoLong panda base entrance tickets
  • English speaking tour guide
  • lunch in WoLong panda base canteen.
  • Sightseeing car fee in Wolong panda base
  • Panda Volunteer Health Report
  • Panda Volunteer Certificate
  • Panda Volunteer souvenir

Price Exclusions:

  • extra personal expense
  • Gratuities
1)if you choose night panda observation, you have to stay at wolong overnight.
2)you can hold the baby panda during the panda feeding by paying extra cost, but no photo allowed.

1 Day Wolong Panda Reserve Volunteer Tour Itinerary

07:00 AM: Meet your private guide in hotel’s lobby at 8:00am in ChengDu
07:00 AM–08:50 AM:Heading to WoLong Panda Base
09:00 AM–09:10 AM: Register and Sign up and sign document
09:10 AM–10:30 AM: Panda Volunteer Program
11:00 AM: Feeding The Panda
11:30 AM–12:00 AM: Free activity
12:00 AM–13:00 PM: Lunch in Panda Base Canteen.
13:00 AM–14:00 PM: Watch Panda Edu record Film.
14:00 PM–14:30 PM: Panda Volunteer Work
14:40 PM:Feeding The Panda
15:00 PM:Making the Panda Cake
15:10 PM: Present Panda Volunteer Certificate
15:15 PM: Back to ChengDu Hotel

wolong panda reserve volunteer

Necessary Information:

  1. ChengDu Hotel Name
  2. Participant’s Name, Age,Nationality,Passport Number
  3. Travel Date

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