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Golmud Diversifolious Poplar Forest

Golmud Diversifolious Poplar Forest
Located 60 kilometers (37.28 miles) away from Golmud downtown area, the Golmud Diversifolious Poplar Forest is the only forest of its kind in Qinghai Province, as well as the one with the highest altitude in the world.

The diversifolious poplar is the only type of tree that can grow naturally in deserts and sandy lands. It appeared 60 million years ago. It is a heat-and-cold-resistant plant, whose root can reach 13 meters underground to absorb water in an extreme drought environment.

Facing the Kunlun Mountains in the south and Gobi and salt flats in the north, the forest sits in the desertification area, with a seasonal river flowing by. Desert plants including reed, Palladium and Chinese tamarisk, and wild animals such as pheasants, foxes and wolves, form a special ecological system here.

Admission:50 yuan (US$7.85)/person

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