Shanghai’s Best Fake Markets

Shanghai markets. You can literally find anything you could possibly want or need in one of these bad boys if you have the time and patience to sift through the stalls and put up with pushy shopkeepers. While there are fake markets all over the city, I’ve had a lot of luck at the following three spots:

Shanghai Science and Technology Metro Station (Line 2)
This market is massive. It covers an insane amount of territory below ground, just one floor above the metro line. There are hundred of shops and stalls offering clothes, designer handbags and watches, toys, and traditional Chinese souvenirs. There is also a jewelry section that has beautiful jade and pearls. Some of these items are real, some are great quality replicas, and some are cheap knock offs. Handbags and watches are hot ticket items, and people will try to pull you in “secret rooms” hidden away from the police. These items are usually much more expensive but are top quality. It is also possible to find decent quality bags out in the open. You can go in with any budget and dig around to find exactly what you are looking for.

Helpful hint- Shopkeepers expect you to bargain. Start with a price as low as you feel comfortable with. You can haggle for a few minutes to pay a reasonable price because, lets be honest, prices always skyrocket when they see a foreigner. A good trick is to start walking away from the shop and say you will go somewhere else if you don’t like the price. Nine times out of ten the shopkeeper will chase you down the alleyway to make the sale.

West Nanjing Road near People’s Square(580 Nanjing road is closed. Lots of Booth moved to S&T market)
This is another large market that sells everything under the sun. It can be a bit overwhelming because it is spread out over several floors, but there are a lot of hidden gems here. The West Nanjing market is very similar to the market at Science and Tech in terms of items for sale and pushy stall attendants. This is a great place for shoes, bags, and traditional Chinese-looking trinkets, though.

Helpful hint- Hit the 4th floor. It is a lot less frequented because few people have the stamina to make it all the way up there. Foreigners can typically find even better bargains because shopkeepers are excited to make a sale.

Gubei Pearl Market
This technically isn’t a fake market, because more of the items here are real. However, pearls, jade, and silver are insanely cheap here and the quality is outstanding. They have everything from earrings to necklaces to loose pieces for you to create your own masterpiece. The best part about the Pearl market is that the shopkeepers are nearly as pushy as they are in other locations. While they definitely want to make a sale, I’ve found that they prefer to take a much more “hands off” approach and answer your questions without pulling you around the store.

Helpful hint– Only bring as much money as you dare spend. While you can still bargain here, the products are amazing and you will wind up spending way too much money if you let yourself!

Have you shopped at these Shanghai markets? What’s the lowest price you got?