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PersonAuthor:Sidney Yu Feb-15-2018

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Useful Chinese in China Tour

Useful Chinese in China Tour

Useful Chinese in China Tour

it is an Advantage to Know Basic Mandarin

Knowing Mandarin is not a necessity but it helps A LOT. If you plan on only visiting the larger cities like Beijing and Shanghai you will be able to get by with English. The younger generations can speak basic English and many are eager to help out when necessary

If you plan on visiting the smaller cities off the main tourist trail, such as Zhangjiajie and Yangshuo, speaking basic Mandarin is invaluable. We would have had a very difficult time here if we couldn’t speak the basics.

Plus, a simple ni hao (hello) or xie xie (thank you) is much appreciated. To speak in full sentences and attempt a simple conversation made you many friends in China. This is a country where people really appreciated our efforts to speak their language and these moments are some of your favorite memories from China.

It also helps to have a Chinese translate app on your phone.

The practical chines in china tour
How are You—–你好
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