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PersonAuthor:Sidney Yu Feb-01-2018

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What’s scam gimmick in xian tour?


unlike other cities, in xian tour, there are many tricks, can you imagin even have fake Terracotta Warrior, the following tips is necessary to notice.
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Taxi Driver Scam

usually taxi driver’s trick have :detour,overcharge,don’t follow the meter price,drop you off at wrong place.more worse, he give back you fake money,usually foreigner not able to identify.
even you check the GPS and confirm with him, who will say traffic jam, city constructions….
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Tour Guide Scam

lead cilents to shopping.

Public Bus Scam

at xian train station,there is public bus line: 306 (YOU 5), the normal tickets price is 9 CNY/PERSON, but there are fake 306 line,if you get on, surely rip-off
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the right bus is you pay after you get on,and the tickets person have red badge on the arm

Shopping Scam

no matter who teach you how to identify the jade, and how magical it is,,,in all, don’t buy

Scam in Terracotta Warrior

from the xian city staring of itinerary to parking lot of Terracotta Warrior, there are kinds of tricks
such as: at parking lot,tell you that you come to the wrong place, get on my car, i send you to the Terracotta Warrior, in fact, from parking lot, just 2 or 3 mins to tickets box.

what the real Terracotta Warrior look like, chekc the tour panorama at

Payment Scam

when you give the 100 note money to other, they suddenly say: it lack the conrner, and return back your the problem note, ask you re-give.
the fact is they prepare the deficit money in advance,