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China tour APP

What’s useful APP in China Tour

Translation APP: YouDao interpretor

in china, google web can not open, so google translation is not availble,
demostic tranlation sofatware YOUDAO works, and users experience is good.
just you speak english to mobile phone, the mobile phone will automatically output Chinese audio
vice versa.
• Work without wifi
• support photo translation
download address:

YouDao interpretor

• Work without wifi
• support photo translation

Social& Payment APP: WeChat


Initially released in January 2011, WeChat is now China’s most-used app, combining multiple functions including instant messaging, social media and payment services. Its monthly active user count approached 1 billion by the end of 2017. Besides its chat functionality, which keeps travellers connected with friends and family, its WeChat Pay system has also moved beyond the country’s borders to help Chinese travellers make payments overseas.

In the romantic destination and the shopping haven of Paris, WeChat Pay is now accepted at two major department stores – Galeries Lafayette Haussmann and BHV Marais. The parent group of the former, the upscale department store chain Galeries Lafayette, revealed that Chinese visitors remain its top customers, spending an average of 1,400 euros per visit.

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco launched its public WeChat account a year ago, on which its followers can receive updates about the museum, as well as access audio guides, maps and more. In July 2017, it also began accepting WeChat Pay for admission. It’s among numerous businesses and institutions around the world that are opening their arms to Chinese travellers – and both sides are reaping the rewards.


China BeiJing Tour APP: BeiJing Visiting

BeiJing Visiting

BeiJing Visiting

Including all beijing tourist attractions, things to do,culture,transportation,restarant,news… travel detail, panorama, photo, We strong recommend this powerful APP to beijing tour.

The BeiJing forbidden city APP

The Palace Museum presents a unique space for exploration and interaction in this latest iPhone App called The Palace Museum Community (Chinese name: Gugong sheQU

BeiJing Metro APP

China beijing metro

China UBER(didi) APP

China UBER(didi) APP

China UBER(didi) APP

China ShangHai Tour APP

• ShangHai Visiting
• ShangHai city APP
• ShangHai Metro APP
• China UBER(didi) APP

China City Metro

Hotel Booking APP

• Booking
• Agoda

Tour Review APP


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