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PersonAuthor:Sidney Yu Feb-01-2018

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Why don’t eat at NuoRiLang center restaurant in jiuzhaigou tour

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jiuzhai valley scenic is like Y shape,and NuoRiLang center restaurant locate in the center.(check the position of purple point)
This is unique restaurant inside jiuzhaigou national forest park,also the hub of shopping center, the feature is expensive and not delicious,.
so the level of consumption is higher than normal.and the importance, the feedback from review site is not good.

WestChinaGo Travel service suggest you bring your food and snack for yourself.



 NuoRiLang center restaurant in jiuzhaigou tour

1. Price Level

slef-buffut price have 3 class:68CNY/person 98CNY/person 138CNY/person
there no hot water, it need buying with price of 10 CNY
Expensive or not, up to you.

2. Food itself

you may find the food not clean, and the flavor is not good,
 NuoRiLang center restaurant in jiuzhaigou tour

3. Restaurant Enviorment

The restaurant is not so clean as you imagine.the table maybe covered with light layer oil.
 NuoRiLang center restaurant in jiuzhaigou tour

4. Service Attitude

at peak season,jiuzhaigou receive more than 40 thousands of tourist everyday, don’t expect service of the restaurant.the staff are busy, and can not take after your needs.

5. Managment chaos

crowded group,all kinds of noisy,to some degree,in a mess.just lining up needs half hour,and somebody will jump the queue….who can stand ?

Anyway, you can go into to feel first,then make your desicion of eating or not.

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