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xian-chengdu high-speed rail train ticket

XiAn–ChengDu High-Speed Rail tickets

# Business Seat First Seat 2nd Seat Running Time
XiAn–ChengDu 748 CNY/person 397 CNY/person 263 CNY/person 4-5 hours

xian-chengdu high-speed rail train ticket online booking & delivery

WestChinaGo devolop the xian-chengdu high-speed rail tickets buying service,after successful book,we will express the tickets to your hotel,save your time cost and money by yourself, the service fee is 8 USD/ticket.

XiAn ChengDu

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xian-chengdu high-speed rail

xian chengdu high-speed rail Schedule, Duration, Fares

# Rail Number Starting Arriving Running Time
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G2201 09:33AM 13:19 PM 3hours 46min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G2203 10:51AM 14:53 PM 4hours 2min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G89 11:28AM 14:41 PM 3hours13min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G2205 12:28PM 16:24 PM 3hours56min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G21887 14:12PM 17:54 PM 3hours42min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G1709 14:21PM 18:06 PM 3hours45min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G1975 14:34PM 18:25 PM 3hours51min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G571 15:10PM 19:04 PM 3hours45min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G1701 15:38PM 19:14 PM 3hours46min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G307 15:40PM 19:42 PM 4hours2min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G4175 15:53PM 20:03 PM 4hours10min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G1835 17:00 PM 20:47 PM 3hours 47 min
XiAn(N)–ChengDu(E) G2211 19:07 PM 22:55 PM 3hours 48min