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xian tour things to do

Go on a ride at Xi’an City Wall

The old town of Xi’an is surrounded by a huge wall, an impressive and well-preserved construction. The wall is open to the public, you just need to buy the ticket and go on the top of it. But things can get better, one of the amazing things to do in Xi’an is to ride a bicycle on the top of the wall. You can discover the history behind the Ming and Tang dynasties while cycling and having fun.

Learn Chinese Calligraphy
Go on an artistic journey at the Tang Bo Art Museum and learn about Chinese painting and calligraphy. Appreciate ancient and modern art and try your talent in a hands-on workshop. This was one of my favorites things to do in Xi’an, so rich in culture, information, and great fun.

When the “teacher” was presenting the symbols and the technique everything looked so easy, but once you hold the brush and you start writing the first Chinese words you realize how artistic the Chinese calligraphy is, and how difficult is to master it. I spent minutes trying only one word, and the result of awful. I couldn’t write the proper word but on the photo I look like a professional.

Eat your way through the Muslim Street

This is one of the most interesting and delicious things to do in Xi’an, and you must spend at least one evening at the Huimin Muslim Quarter in the old town. The Muslim Street is the physical mark of the Silk Road, where everything started and where you can see the Arab influence in the middle of China.

The mix of culture resulted in a delicious and mouthwatering street where you can find local Chinese dishes served with nuts and traditional flavors from the middle east. Go with an empty stomach and eat everything you can… Some dishes look good and taste good, other I’m not that sure… If you like a food adventure, this place is for you. My favorites: the roasted potato with paprika, the grilled and spicy tofu, and the tofu skin with peanut sauce. Rob tried the lamb skewers and love them too.

Night fountain performance
the North Square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda where you can enjoy the largest Music Fountain Show Square in Asia. The T-shape musical fountain and waterscape area with the main music played during the fountain performances is a symphony – Water Phantom of Tang. You will feel that the fountain performance perfectly combines the music, lights, water and colors. When colorful water sprays fly in the air as if thousands of sparkling fairies.

Xi’an night show
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Tang Dynasty Show
The Performance of the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance takes roots from the historical records and folk legends about Tang Dynasty. It displays the court life and social customs more than 1,300 years ago through performances with playing classical instruments and dancing. The Tang Dynasty Music and Dance has won warm acclaim in China as well as warm welcome among foreigners who take a profound interest in Chinese culture. The audience can gain not only an experience of the Tang court life and the social customs, but more importantly, a thorough understanding of the history of traditional Chinese music and dances. All of this is expected to make the audience be much better acquainted with the age-old Chinese culture.


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  • show tickets

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