Xian weather- Best Time to Visit

Xian is situated in the southern part of the Guan Zhong Plain in Shaanxi province, with the Qinling Mountains to the south and the Weihe River to the north. It is in a warm temperate zone, and has a continental monsoon climate with four distinct seasons; Xian is hot and wet in summer, dry and seldom snowy in winter and is prone to extended spells of rain in spring and autumn. 西安位于陕西省关中平原南部,渭水之南,秦岭以北。这里属于温带区,这里有四季分明的大陆性气候,西安的夏季炎热潮湿,冬季干燥寒冷,春季和秋季是绵延的雨季。

The temperature during spring, (March to May) increases rapidly, but is prone to fluctuation. The average temperature in March is 7.9C, rising to 14.1C in April and 19.4C in May. A quarter of the area’s annual rainfall occurs in spring, however with the pleasant temperature, gentle breezes and warm sunshine it is a good time of year for outdoor activities and traveling. 春天的气温(3月—5月)上升迅速,但是气温上下波动比较明显。三月平均气温为7.9C,四月升为14.1度,五月平均气温是19.4C.该地区一年四分之一的降雨发生在春季,然而,宜人的气候,温煦的春风,柔暖的阳光已经使这个季节成为外出活动的好时光了。

Summer in Xian (June to August) becomes both hot and humid. Xian is one of the major ‘stove’ cities of the whole country with the hottest month of the year being July, with the highest average temperature being 32C and the maximum temperature often above 40C. The oppressive heat can be difficult to bear, but this is tempered by the fact that it is also the rainy season. This time of year has 8 to 11 rainy days monthly – half of Xian’s annual rainfall occurs during the summer. 西安的夏季炎热而潮湿。西安也因炎热的七月而成为全国的“火炉”城市之一,七月平均气温为32C,最高气温超过40C.夏季闷热难耐,但也是西安的雨季,每月大有8到11天的阴雨天,西安的年降雨量的一般在夏季。

Xian also experiences a fair amount of precipitation during autumn, (September to November). The early autumn period is cool and can be overcast, late autumn is usually fine. Winter (December to February) is dry and cold with a little snow. The coldest month is January, with an average temperature of 0C. All in all, spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) are the best seasons during the year for traveling here. 西安的秋季降水量也很大(9月到11月)。初秋天气凉爽,深秋很舒爽。冬季(12月到2月),下了一点雪,干燥又寒冷。最冷的月份是十一月,平均气温零摄氏度。总之,春天(3到5月),秋季(9到11月)是一年当中最好的旅游季节。

Detailed information about the Average, Maximun and Minimum Temperatures and the rainfall in Xian.西安的平均,最高,最低气温 ,和雨季的明细表。