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Yangzi Explorer

Yangzi Explorer

Yangzi river cruisers typically carry 300-plus passengers. The MS Yangzi Explorer offers a more intimate and luxurious alternative, with a maximum of 124 guests enjoying the comforts of the largest cabins and suites on the river – along with a 1:1 crew to passenger ratio. All cabins have floor-to-ceiling windows with access to private balconies, and are equipped with a private bathroom, mini bar and LCD satellite TV. The four super suites – Mandarin, Jade (both 81 square metres), Celestial and Imperial (110 square metres) – have separate bedroom and living areas and combine detailed Chinese décor with the greatest modern comforts.

Life onboard is relaxed and unhurried, and embraces a fabulous range of facilities and activities, including a two-floor theatre and ultra-spacious spa. This is the smallest and most exclusive ship cruising the Three Gorges region, the scenic heart of the Yangzi. She sails downstream from Chongqing to Yichang over 4 days (3 nights) from Thursday to Sunday and upstream between the two cities over 5 days (4 nights) from Sunday to Thursday each week from spring to autumn. Group excursions with knowledgeable local guides to dramatic natural sights and cultural and technical marvels are limited to groups of less than 20 and retain the feel of a private tour. Messing about on the river is rarely this special.

The Yangzi Explorer was built in 1995 and refurbished in 2008. It’s a 5-star luxury vessel that is one of the smallest that operates overnight cruises on the Yangtze River in China. The 300-foot long vessel carries 124 passengers and 130 crew members. That’s not a typo either. Yes, there are actually more crew members than guests.

There are 5 passenger decks aboard the Yangzi Explorer, and 4 of the decks have staterooms. Staterooms are very spacious ranging in size from 333 square feet to 1183 square feet. As another added bonus, 100 percent of the staterooms have balconies.

In addition to its luxury accommodations, the Yangzi Explorer also features an Espresso Bar, the Tang Theater, a Medical Clinic, a Spa & Massage Room, a Fitness Center, a Beauty Salon, a Library and Boutique Shops in addition to its Main Dining Room and the Explorer Bar.

Intimate 124-guest ship provides a highly personalized experience
All staterooms have a river view.
An elevator is available for passenger use.
Laundry Service is available (there may be a fee).
24-hour room service is available.
Free WiFi is available onboard.
All staterooms aboard Century are fitted with 220 volt, European style two-prong plugs.North American cruisers should bring an adapter, such as the Samsonite Europe Non-Grounded adapter.Citizens of many countries are required by the Government of China to obtain a visa in addition to their regular passport. All passports must be valid for six months from the date of return. Obtaining these documents is the responsibility of the guest.

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Yangzi Explorer-Yangtze River Cruise

Yangzi Explorer-Yangtze River Cruise

Yangzi Explorer-Yangtze River Cruise

  • Maiden Voyage: 2009
  • 载客 capacity:124
  • 船员 crew:130
  • 吨位 tonage: 6733T
  • 楼层 level:5
  • 房间 Total Cabins: 62
  • 长度 length:91.5 m
  • 宽度 width:16.4 m
  • 船速 speed:26

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Yangzi Explorer Cruise Sailing

# Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
ChongQing—Yichang Yangzi Explorer
YiChang—ChongQing Yangzi Explorer

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Yangzi Explorer

Yangzi Explorer Cruise Photo

ChongQing To YiChang itinerary
Time Century sailing itinerary schedual
Day 1 Depart Chongqing 

Boarding around 7:00pm. Your Yangtze cruise begins at 9:30pm as the ship sails apart Chongqing
19:30-21:00 Embarkation

21:30 Departure in Chongqing

22:00 Embarkation Briefing

Day 2 6: 30-7: 00 Free coffee,tea and pastries 

06:30-07:00 Tai Chi exercise

07:00-08:30 Breakfast (Buffet)

8:30 Optional Excursion to Fengdu Ghost City(river conditions permitting)

09:30-11:30 Onboard Activities

12:00-13:30 Lunch (Buffet)

14:00-17:00 Shore excursion—Shibao Pagoda

18:00-19:00 Captain’s welcome party

19:00-20:30 Dinner (Buffet)

21:00 Crew cabaret

Day 3 06:30-07:00 Free coffee,tea and pastries 

06:30-07:00 Tai Chi exersice

07:00-08:30 Breakfast (Buffet)

07:30-09:30 Optional tour to The White Emperor City

10:00 (Est.) Cruising Highlights—Qutang Gorge

10:30 Activities

11:45 (Est.)Scenic cruising—Wu Gorge

12:00-13:00 Lunch (Buffet)

13:30-17:30 Shore excursion—Lesser Three Gorges or Shennong/Shennv Stream

18:15 Disembarkation briefing

19:00-20:30 Captain’s farewell dinner

20:30-23:00 Settle the bills

21:00-22:30 Dancing Party / Karaoke Time / Bingo

Day 4 06:30-08:00 Breakfast (Buffet)
08:00-10:30 Shore excursion—Three Gorges Dam Site
11:00 (Est.) Scenic cruising—Xiling Gorge
11:30 Check out
13:00 Disembarkation in Yichang
YiChang to ChongQing itinerary
Time Century sailing itinerary schedual
Day 1 19:30-22:00 Embarking 

22:00 Embarkation Briefing

Day 2 7:15(Est.)Sail through the Xiling Gorge 

7:30-9:00 Breakfast (Buffet)

09:00 (Est.) Optional Excursion — Tribe of the Three Gorges

9:30 Onboard Activities

12:00-13:30 Lunch (Buffet)

13:30-16:00 Shore excursion—Three Gorges Dam Site

16:00-17:00 Activities

17:15(Est.)Sails through the ship-locks

18:00-19:00 Captain’s welcome party

19:00-20:30 Dinner (Buffet)

21:00 Crew cabaret

Day 3 06:30-07:00 Free coffee, tea and pastrie
06:30-07:00 Tai Chi exercise
07:00-08:30 Breakfast (Buffet)
07:30 (Est.) Scenic cruising—Wu Gorge
08:30-13:00 Shore excursion—Lesser Three Gorges or Shennong/Shennv Stream
13:00-14:30 Lunch (Buffet)
15:00 (Est.) Cruising Highlights—Qutang Gorge
15:30-18:00 Optional tour to The White Emperor City
19:00-20:30 Dinner (Buffet)
21:00 Dancing Party/Karaoke Time / Bingo
Day 4 06:30-07:00 Free coffee, tea and pastries 

06:30-07:00 Tai Chi Exercise

07:00-08:30 Breakfast (Buffet)

09:00-12:00 Shore excursion—Shibao Pagoda

12:00-13:30 Lunch (Buffet)

15:00-17:00 Optional Tour – Fengdu Ghost City

18:00 Disembarkation briefing

Shore excursion—Shibao Pagoda

19:00-20:30 Captain’s farewell dinner

20:00-22:30 Settle the bills

20:45 Dancing Party/Karaoke Time / Bingo

Day 5 06:30-08:00 Breakfast (Buffet)
7:30 Check out
08:00 Disembarkation in Chongqing
Yangzi Explorer Cruise Sailing Calendar

Yangzi Explorer Cruise

Yangzi Explorer Tickets

  1. Yangzi Explorer Tickets Price depends on date,room type,itinerary,different travel agency’s quoation
  2. WestChinaGo sure give you favorable price


Accommodation 1:Based on standard cabin
Accommodation 2:Based on double occupancy in each cabin
Meal:The daily meals listed in the itinerary.
Shore Excurcation:usually 3 toursit attractions sightseeing(including tour guide,entrance tickets;port fee;transportation…),each cruise ship vary from,please check cruise specific itinerary.
Cultrue class:such as taichi,calligraphy,culture lecture organized by the cruise ship
Onboard entertainments:such Gym,snooker room……..


The last night of yangtze river cruise
Single Room Supplement.
Your Upgrading better and higher level cabin
Meal 1:The first day(onboard) dinner,and the last day(disembark) lunch (you can order onboard dining room,on your expense )
Meal 2:Your UpGrading to upper level VIP dining room(quiet enviorment and plenty food)
Personal Expense:such as Onboard laundry, drinks,beverage,bar charge,movie,KTV,swiming pool,shopping,surfing bar,SPA.massages;hair salon….
Optional Shore Excurcation Sightseeing
Service Charge:depends on,some cruise complusory,some ship volunteerary,up to your satisfactory
Tansfer:Shuttel between port and airport or train station in ChongQing/YiChang
Gratuities, Tips to tour guides

Price for Children:
Between 2 – 12 years not occupying a bed, are entitled to 50% discount of the TWIN rate,
a child 2 – 12 occupying a bed is charged the 100% normal rate as an adult.
An infant under 2 years, not occupying a bed, are entitled to 80% discount of the Adult rate

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