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ChongQing ciqikou

ChongQing CiQiKou

chongqing Ciqikou (Chinese: 磁器口; pinyin: Cíqìkǒu; literally: “Porcelain Port”) is an ancient town in the Shapingba District of Chongqing Municipality, People’s Republic of China. It was originally called Longyinzhen (simplified Chinese: 龙隐镇; traditional Chinese: 龍隱鎮; pinyin: Lóngyǐnzhèn) and was also known as Little Chongqing.

According to an old Chinese proverb: “One flagstone road, and one thousand years’ Ciqikou”. The name of the town can be traced back to porcelain production during the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing Dynasties. Formerly a busy port located at the lower reaches of the Jialing River, a thousand years after its foundation the town remains a symbol and microcosm of old Chongqing.. more info

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How To Get to ChongQing CiQiKou

By Taxi
ChongQing JieFangBei locate in the city center,
Practical Chinese:for taxi driver
Please take me to ChongQing ciqikou
By Subway
Transfer light-rail line 1,get off from ciqikou, then walking 100 m for arrival.
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