2017 China Panda Volunteer
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2017 China Chengdu photo with panda
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ChengDu Tour Attractions

LeShan Giant Buddha

LeShan Giant Buddha

The biggest stone buddha in the world,Height: 71m,width: 24m.

  • 150KM from chengdu
  • World Culture Heritage

Mount Emei tour

Mount Emei

Holy Buddhism Mount,Inner Peace………

  • 185KM from chengdu
  • World Culture Heritage

JiuzhaiGou Tour, travel guide

JiuzhaiGou Tour

JiuzhaiGou car rental,JiuzhaiGou charter vehcile.

  • 424KM from chengdu
  • World Culture Heritage



dujiangyan irrigation sysytem,mount qingchengshan…

  • 60KM from chengdu
  • World Culture Heritage

China City Tour Attractions, Travel Guide

ShangHai Tour

Shanghaiis the biggest city in the biggest country in the world. China’s capital of commerce, industry, and finance, Shanghai has become one of the world’s great modern capitals, showcasing China’s commercial momentum at the dawn of the 21st century..

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