Nanjing Tour


  • Chinese name: 南京
  • Foreign name :Nanjing Nanking
  • Alias: Jinling, Jiankang, Yingtian, Tianjing
  • Geographical location: East China, Jiangsu Province, China, the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, southwestern Jiangsu
  • Area: 6587.02 km²
  • Areas under its jurisdiction: 11 municipal districts
  • Government resident: No. 41, Beijing East Road, Xuanwu District
  • Telephone area code: 025
  • Zip code: 210000-211800
  • Climate conditions: subtropical monsoon climate
  • Population: 9.4234 million (by the end of 2021)
  • Famous attractions: Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum, Nanjing Confucius Temple, Ming Xiao Mausoleum, Qinhuai River, Ming City Wall, Xuanwu Lake, Zijin Mountain, Jiming Temple, Qixia Mountain, Mochou Lake, Chaotian Palace, Laomen East, Yuejiang Tower, Nanjing President Mansion, Pearl Spring, Niushou Mountain, Meiling Palace, Qingliang Mountain, Dabaoen Temple, Tangshan Hot Spring, Gaochun Old Street, Ganxi Former Residence, Nanjing Zhongshan Botanical Garden, Nanjing Museum, Yihe Road Mansion Area, Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo
  • Airport: Nanjing Lukou International Airport, Nanjing Ma’an International Airport
  • Railway Stations: Nanjing Railway Station, Nanjing South Railway Station, Nanjing North Railway Station (planned)
  • License plate code: Su A
  • Regional GDP: 1690.785 billion yuan (2022)
Nanjing Tour

Nanjing Tour

Nanjing is one of the first batch of national historical and cultural cities, an important birthplace of Chinese civilization, and has long been the political, economic, and cultural center of southern China. In Nanjing, Nanjing ape-man lived in Tangshan 350,000 to 600,000 years ago. It has a history of more than 7,000 years of civilization and nearly 500 years of capital history. The excavation of the West Street site traces the history of Nanjing’s city building back to the Western Zhou Dynasty 3,100 years ago.

Nanjing has 1 World Cultural Heritage (9 points), 2 China World Cultural Heritage Preliminary Lists, 55 national key cultural relics protection units (112 points), 114 Jiangsu Provincial Cultural Relics Protection Units (126 points), and cultural relics protection above the municipal level 516 units (591 points), 2 national-level historical and cultural blocks, 9 provincial-level historical and cultural blocks, and 3 national-level historical and cultural towns (villages); 108 million tourists from home and abroad were received, and the total tourism revenue was 2130.45 100 million yuan

Nanjing Tour

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Nanjing Tourist Map Nanjing Tourist Attractions Map Nanjing Tourist Attractions Map Nanjing Tourist Map Nanjing Tourist Map nanjing tangshan hot springs tourist map Nanjing Tourist Map

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Nanjing Travel Guide

Day 1:

Nanjiang Hotel →Nanjing Museum→ Zijingshan →Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum →Ming Xiao Mausoleum

Day 2:

Ancient Jiming Temple→ Ming City Wall → Xuanwu Lake→ the memorial hall of the victims in Nanjing massacre by Japanese invaders → Qinhuai Scenic Zones (Confucius Temple,Dabaoen Temple,Qinhuai River River Cruise)

Night Tour:Laomendong Food Street

Day 3:

Nanjing City → Niushoushan (6-8 H) → Tangshan Hot Spring