• Chinese name:北京
  • Address: beijing,china
  • Area: 1,641 mi²
  • Recommended Visiting Time:1-3 days
  • Weather Spring: 1℃-12℃ Summer: 18℃-29℃ Autumn: 15℃-25℃ Winter : -5℃-5℃
  • Population: 22 million (2021)
  • Must visit attractions:Great Wall,Imperial Palace Museum
  • Type: Capital of China
Beijing tour


Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China, a municipality directly under the Central Government, a national central city, and a super-large city. China’s political center, cultural center, international exchange center, and scientific and technological innovation center have been approved by the State Council.

Beijing is also a world-famous ancient capital and a modern international city. Beijing has the most world heritage sites (7 sites) in the world. In 2020, it will receive 341,000 inbound tourists.

Beijing has friendly relations with 124 capitals and major cities in 72 countries, among which 55 cities have established friendly relations. There are 29,452 foreign students studying. Beijing currently has 137 foreign embassies in China, 17 international organizations and regional representative offices, and 190 foreign news organizations. More than 7,000 foreign representative offices in Beijing have been established in Beijing, and 185 of the world’s 500 largest multinational companies have invested in Beijing. More than 17,000 foreign students

BeiJing Tourist Attractions

forbidden city.beijing

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Activity in BeiJing Tours

  • Beijing Kungfu Show

  • Beijing Roast Duck

  • Sanlitun Bar st

  • Universal Beijing Resort

Beijing Tour Package

beijing mutianyu great wall

1 Day Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall Tour

  • all inclusive,tickets,lunch,round trip…
  • hotel pick up and drop off
  • local popular restaurant

great wall of china: mutianyu beijing

Only Car Rental with driver for Mutianyu Great Wall

  • inclusive and hassle free
  • flexible time arrangement
  • tour with your peace
The Summer Palace. Beijing

1 Day Forbidden City + Summer Palace Tour

  • beijing hotel picl up and drop off
  •  All Inclusive
the palace museum

1 Day Old Beijing Heritage Walking & Tasting Tour-Route 1

  • Temple of Heaven+Hidden Gem+Forbidden City+Food Tasting
  • Walk & Eat, explore the old Beijing with happy stomach
beijing tour

1 Day Old Beijing Heritage Walking & Tasting Tour-Route 2

  • Hidden Gem+Forbidden City with Panorama View+Beihai Park
  • Temple of Heaven+Hidden Gem+Forbidden City+Food Tasting
beijing tour

2-Day Beijing Highlights+Great Wall In-Depth Tour

  • jinshanling great wall sunset or sunrise
  • forbidden city
  • Temple of Heaven

BeiJing Car Rental with Driver,Charter Car

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  • From BeiJing Airport to BeiJing Downtown Hotel;
  • From BeiJing Airport to The Great wall of MuTianYu;
  • From BeiJing Airport Pick up and drop off;
  • From BeiJing Hotel to BeiJing South Railway station;
  • …………

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