• Chinese name: Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
  • Climatic conditions: temperate continental climate
  • Area: 1664900 km²
  • Areas under its jurisdiction: 4 prefecture-level cities, 5 regions, 5 autonomous prefectures, 12 county-level cities directly under the central government of autonomous regions
  • Population: 25.89 million
  • Government seat: Urumqi
  • Telephone area code: (+86) 0991-0909
  • Famous attractions: Tianshan Mountain, Gaochang Ancient City, Kanas Lake, Bosten Lake, Devil City
  • Airports: Urumqi Diwopu International Airport, Kashi International Airport, Shihezi Garden Airport, Yining Airport, Korla Airport, etc.
  • Railway Station: Urumqi Station, Shihezi Station, Yining Station, Korla Station, Kashi Station
Xinjiang tour

Xinjiang Tour

Xinjiang is the hometown of singing and dancing, the hometown of melons and fruits, and the country of gold and jade. Xinjiang has 56 types of national tourism resources, accounting for 83% of the national tourism resource types. There are more than 1,100 scenic spots in Xinjiang, ranking first in the country. There is the second highest peak in the world at an altitude of 8,600 meters, and the lowest depression in China, which is 154 meters below sea level.

Xinjiang includes excellent tourist cities (13), 5A-level tourist attractions (7), national scenic spots (4), national geological parks (7), national forest parks (17), national nature reserves (9), and national wetlands Parks (4)

5A-level tourist attractions (7)

  • Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area (Fukang City)天山天池风景区(阜康市)
  • Kanas Lake Scenic Area 喀纳斯湖景区
  • Grape Valley Scenic Area 葡萄沟风景区
  • Keketuo Sea Scenic Area (Fuyun County) 可可托海景区(富蕴县)
  • Nalati Tourist Scenic Area (Xinyuan County) 那拉提旅游风景区(新源县)
  • Zepu Jinhuyang Scenic Spot (Zepu County)泽普金湖杨景区(泽普县)
  • Urumqi Tianshan Grand Canyon (Urumqi City)乌鲁木齐天山大峡谷(乌鲁木齐市)
  • Xinjiang Devil City 新疆魔鬼城

National scenic spots (4)

  • Xinjiang Tianshan Tianchi Scenic Area (Fukang City)新疆天山天池风景名胜区(阜康市)
  • Xinjiang Bosten Lake Scenic Area (Bohu County)新疆博斯腾湖风景名胜区(博湖县)
  • Xinjiang Kumtag Desert Scenic Area (Turpan)新疆库木塔格沙漠风景名胜区(吐鲁番)
  • Xinjiang Sailimu Lake Scenic Area (Bole City)新疆赛里木湖风景名胜区(博乐市)

National Geoparks (7)

  • Xinjiang Burqin Kanas Lake National Geological Park 新疆布尔津喀纳斯湖国家地质公园
  • Xinjiang Tianshan Tianchi National Geological Park 新疆天山天池国家地质公园
  • Xinjiang Qitai Silicified Wood – Dinosaur National Geological Park 新疆奇台硅化木—恐龙国家地质公园
  • Xinjiang Kuqa Grand Canyon National Geopark 新疆库车大峡谷国家地质公园
  • Xinjiang Wensu Salt Hill National Geological Park 新疆温宿盐丘国家地质公园
  • Xinjiang Turpan Flame Mountain National Geological Park 新疆吐鲁番火焰山国家地质公园
  • Xinjiang Fuyun Keketuohai National Geological Park 新疆富蕴可可托海国家地质公园

National Forest Parks (17)

  • Xinjiang Zhaobi Mountain National Forest Park (Urumqi County) 新疆照壁山国家森林公园(乌鲁木齐县)
  • Xinjiang Xiata Ancient Road National Forest Park (Zhaosu County) 新疆夏塔古道国家森林公园(昭苏县)
  • Xinjiang Tianchi National Forest Park (Fukang City)新疆天池国家森林公园(阜康市)
  • Xinjiang Altai Hot Spring National Forest Park 新疆阿尔泰山温泉国家森林公园
  • Xinjiang Nalati National Forest Park 新疆那拉提国家森林公园
  • Xinjiang Habahe Baihua National Forest Park 新疆哈巴河白桦国家森林公园
  • Xinjiang Gongnaisi National Forest Park (Hejing County) 新疆巩乃斯国家森林公园(和静县)
  • Xinjiang Wusu Foshan National Forest Park 新疆乌苏佛山国家森林公园
  • Xinjiang Jiadengyu National Forest Park (Buerqin County) 新疆贾登峪国家森林公园(布尔津县)
  • Xinjiang Hariturege National Forest Park 新疆哈日图热格国家森林公园
  • Xinjiang Baihaba National Forest Park 新疆白哈巴国家森林公园
  • Xinjiang Hami Tianshan National Forest Park 新疆哈密天山国家森林公园
  • Xinjiang Tangbula National Forest Park (Nilek County) 新疆唐布拉国家森林公园(尼勒克县)
  • Xinjiang Gongliu Qiaxi National Forest Park 新疆巩留恰西国家森林公园
  • Xinjiang Qitai Nanshan National Forest Park 新疆奇台南山国家森林公园
  • Xinjiang Jinhuyang National Forest Park (Zepu County)新疆金湖杨国家森林公园(泽普县)
  • Xinjiang Kesang Karst Cave National Forest Park (Nilek County) 新疆科桑溶洞国家森林公园(尼勒克县)

National nature reserves (9)

  • Xinjiang Altun Mountain National Nature Reserve (Korla) 新疆阿尔金山国家级自然保护区(库尔勒)
  • Xinjiang Aibi Lake Wetland National Nature Reserve (Jinghe County) 新疆艾比湖湿地国家级自然保护区(精河县)
  • Xinjiang Lop Nur Wild Camel National Nature Reserve 新疆罗布泊野骆驼国家级自然保护区
  • Xinjiang Ganjia Lake Haloxylon Forest National Nature Reserve 新疆甘家湖梭梭林国家级自然保护区
  • Xinjiang Bayinbulak National Nature Reserve (Hejing County) 新疆巴音布鲁克国家级自然保护区(和静县)
  • Xinjiang Tarim Populus euphratica National Nature Reserve 新疆塔里木胡杨国家级自然保护区
  • Xinjiang Tomur Peak National Nature Reserve (Wensu County) 新疆托木尔峰国家级自然保护区(温宿县)
  • Xinjiang Kanas National Nature Reserve 新疆喀纳斯国家级自然保护区
  • Xinjiang West Tianshan National Nature Reserve (Gongliu County) 新疆西天山国家级自然保护区(巩留县)

National Wetland Parks (4)

  • Sailimu Lake National Wetland Park 赛里木湖国家湿地公园
  • Manas National Wetland Park 玛纳斯国家湿地公园
  • Chaiwopu Lake National Wetland Park (Urumqi) 柴窝堡湖国家湿地公园(乌鲁木齐市)
  • He Buxar National Wetland Park 和布克赛尔国家湿地公园

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