• Chinese Name: 甘肃
  • Area: 425800 km²
  • Capital: Lanzhou
  • Airports: Lanzhou Zhongchuan International Airport, Dunhuang International Airport, Jiayuguan Airport, Qingyang Xifeng Airport, Zhangye Ganzhou Airport, Jinchang Jinchuan Airport, Longnan Chengxian Airport, Tianshui Maijishan Airport, Gannan Xiahe Airport, etc.
  • Railway Station: Lanzhou Station, Lanzhou West Station, Jiayuguan Station, Zhangye Station, Wuwei Station, Tianshui Station, Longnan Station, Qingyang Station, Jiuquan Station, Dingxi Station, Longxi Station, Tianshui South Station, Dingxi Station, etc.
  • Telephone area code: 0930—0939, 0941, 0943
  • Population: 26.3 M
  • weather: Temperate continental climate温带大陆性气候
  • recommend tour time:>6 days
  • Best Time To Go: all years
GanSu Tour


Gansu is a special place where drought and humidity, Gobi and plateau, desert and snow-capped mountains coexist. There are countless legends everywhere, waiting for you to discover.


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GanSu Tour

Gansu Tourist Attractions

Dunhuang Tourist Attractions:

Jiayuguan Tourist Attractions:

Zhangye Tourist Attractions:

South Gansu Tourist Attractions:

Lanzhou Tourist Attractions:

Lanzhou Food Street

Gansu Tourist Map

GanSu Tourist Map GanSu Tourist Map GanSu Tourist Map GanSu Tourist Map

Gansu Tour Video

GanSu Tour

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GanSu Tour GanSu Tour