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GanSu JiaYuGuan Tour

GanSu JiaYuGuan

  • Chinese Name: 甘肃嘉峪关
  • Address: 嘉峪关关城位于嘉峪关市区西南6公里处
  • Tel: 0937-6396110
  • Opening Time:08:30-20:00
  • Recommended Visiting Time:1-3 H
  • Tickets :100-120 CNY
  • offical website:

Here is the main thoroughfare of the ancient Silk Road. Zhang Wei used to carry the silk camel caravan and slowly westbound. Here is the western starting point of the Great Wall of Ming Dynasty. In ancient times, Jiayuguan was the name of the Gobi Pass, which bid farewell to the native land of the Central Plains. , enter the wild land. Today’s Jiayuguan, an immigrant city developed by the jiuquan steel corp-ration, gathers people from the Northeast, Sichuan, Henan, Gansu and other places, bringing infinite vitality to the new city.

GanSu JiaYuGuan Tour

Gansu JiaYu Pass

· Jiayuguan Guancheng is the first gateway to the west end of the Ming Great Wall and the traffic fortress of the ancient “Silk Road”. Guancheng was built in the Ming Dynasty and is the most spectacular Guancheng along the Great Wall.

· This is not only a separate relationship, but also divided into inner city, outer city and city. The Xiongguan Shui Village in the outer city can take a photo of the outside of Guancheng and enter the inner city to climb the tower. You can see the Qilian Mountains.

· There are many small stalls in the scenic area. There are costumes for photos, calligraphy and calligraphy, and so on. You can visit them one by one.

· The Great Wall Museum in the scenic area can better understand the history of Xiongguan, which is worth a visit.

GanSu JiaYuGuan Tour
GanSu JiaYuGuan Tour
GanSu JiaYuGuan Tour
GanSu JiaYuGuan Tour
GanSu JiaYuGuan Tour

Best Time To Go 最佳旅行时间

The best travel time for Jiayuguan is from May to October.
  • In the spring (March-May), the green here is later than other places, but the sky is clear and transparent;
  • In summer (June-August), the climate is cool and there are discounts during the festival.
  • In the autumn (September-November), the East Lake Park in Jiayuguan is enveloped in the colorful autumn colors.赏关城日出日落,凭吊古意两相宜。
  • Winter (December-February) Jiayuguan snow-capped, very cold, it is best not to go.

GanSu JiaYuGuan Tourist Map

GanSu JiaYuGuan Tourist Map GanSu JiaYuGuan Tourist Map

GanSu JiaYuGuan Tour Video

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How to get to GanSu JiaYuGuan Tour from LanZhou

GanSu JiaYuGuan Tour
  • From lanzhou to GanSu JiaYuGuan : 8 H / 26M 726KM
  • From dunhuang to GanSu JiaYuGuan : 4 H / 9 M 370KM
[iframe src=”https://www.google.com/maps/embed?pb=!1m28!1m12!1m3!1d2285503.7578676003!2d100.4871696635313!3d37.70944383454891!2m3!1f0!2f0!3f0!3m2!1i1024!2i768!4f13.1!4m13!3e0!4m5!1s0x365a90b5990c3983%3A0x914c002e5d0d245c!2zTGFuemhvdSwg55SY57KbIOS4reiPr-S6uuawkeWFseWSjOWbvQ!3m2!1d36.061088999999996!2d103.83430299999999!4m5!1s0x37c8225acddff9e9%3A0x77989b698b65e8f2!2z5Lit6I-v5Lq65rCR5YWx5ZKM5Zu9IOeUmOeymyDlmInls6rplqLluII!3m2!1d39.772554!2d98.289419!5e0!3m2!1sja!2sjp!4v1555987480577!5m2!1sja!2sjp” width=”100%” height=”550″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″ allowfullscreen=”true”]

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Tips For Visiting JiaYuGuan

  1. Dressing Guide: Jiayuguan has a large temperature difference between morning and evening. No matter which season is over, please prepare a jacket that matches the season. In the summer, the UV is strong, and the sunscreen and sunglasses are prepared. In the spring and autumn, the wind is heavy. Please prepare the sand-proof equipment. If it is winter, cold protection is the number one priority.
  2. Consumption level: The main consumption of Jiayuguan lies in the transportation expenses in the city. If it is a self-guided tour, visit the three main attractions of Guancheng, Cantilever Great Wall and the First Pier of the Great Wall. The cost is 120 yuan, and the food consumption is about 20-50 yuan/person/meal. The accommodation cost is around 150 yuan. Once you play it, you need 500-800 yuan per person to remove the big traffic.
  • GanSu JiaYu Pass
  • GanSu JiaYu Pass
  • GanSu JiaYu Pass

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