Luoyang Tour

Luoyang Tour

  • Chinese name: 洛阳
  • Nicknames: Zhenyi, Xibo, Luoyi, Luoyang, Luojing, Jingluo, Shendu 斟鄩、西亳、洛邑、雒阳、洛京、京洛、神都
  • Administrative region category: prefecture level city
  • Region: Central China, located in the western part of Henan Province, in the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River
  • Area: 15230 km ²
  • Jurisdiction: 7 municipal districts, 7 counties
  • Government residence: No. 228 Kaiyuan Avenue, Luolong District
  • Telephone area code: (+86) 0379
  • Postal Code: 471000
  • Climate conditions: temperate monsoon climate
  • Population: 7.069 million (permanent population in 2021)
  • Famous tourist attractions: Longmen Grottoes, Baima Temple, Guanlin, Baiyun Mountain, Laojun Mountain, Jiguan Cave, Longtan Grand Canyon, etc
  • Airport: Luoyang Beijiao Airport
  • Railway stations: Luoyang Station, Luoyang Longmen Station, Luoyang East Station, etc
  • License plate code: Yu 豫 C
  • Regional Gross Domestic Product: 567.5 billion yuan (2022)
  • Dialect: Zhongyuan Mandarin, Luosong dialect, Luoyang dialect
  • Per capita GDP: 72912 yuan (2019)
Luoyang Tour

Luoyang Tour

Luoyang is one of the birthplaces of Chinese civilization, the eastern starting point of the Silk Road, and the center of the Grand Canal in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. There have been 13 cities in history. The dynasty established its capital here, and it is the city with the earliest, longest and most dynasties in my country.

In Luoyang City, there are five capital ruins, including the Erlitou site, the Yanshi Shangcheng site, the Eastern Zhou royal city site, the Han Wei Luoyang city site, the Sui and Tang Luoyang city site, the Longmen Grottoes, the Grand Canal of China (Huiluocang and Hanjiacang sites), and the Silk Road. There are 3 items and 6 world cultural heritage sites including the ancient city of Han and Wei Dynasties, the Dingding Gate of Luoyang City in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and the Ruins of Hangu Pass in Xin’an. At the end of 2019, there were 82 A-level tourist attractions in Luoyang City, including 30 scenic spots above 4A level.

Luoyang Tour

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Luoyang Tour Travel Guide

Day 1:

Hotel → Longmen Grottoes →Luoyang Museum → Cross Street Night Markt

Day 2:

Hotel → Baima Temple(White Horse Temple) →Luoyi Ancient Town →Mingtang Tiantang Heritage →Sui Tang Dynasty Relics

Luoyang Tour

Luoyang Tour Things To Do

Luoyang cross street night market (food street)

  • Chinese Name: 洛阳十字街夜市
  • Address:洛阳市老城区中州路与兴华街交叉口
  • Type:Food Street,Night Market
  • Tickets: Free

Luoyang Cross Street, also known as “Cross Street”, is located on the West and East streets of the old city of Luoyang. It has been a gathering place for businessmen since ancient times. After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it has become one of the important commercial districts in Luoyang, and it is also a gathering place for Luoyang snacks. In May 2015, the official Weibo account of People’s Daily selected the top ten food streets in China, and the Luoyang Old City Cross Street Night Market was selected as one of the top ten food streets in China.

Every early spring, the entire city of Luoyang will blend into the world of flowers. Tourists from all directions gather in Luoyang to feel the joy brought by peonies. This is the busiest time for the snack street in Luoyang. The bluestone roads, antique storefronts, and tall red lanterns adorn this street with a festive atmosphere, and everyone who comes here praises.

On this small street, you can taste a variety of unique dishes from Luoyang, among which the most famous is the “Luoyang Water Table”. Although this is not an authentic place, you can also feel another unique style. Sitting on the antique street, eating meat and drinking from large bowls all give people a feeling of crossing time and space. At the same time, the modern city with lights and decorations is in sight, giving people a dreamlike feeling

Luoyang Tour Luoyang Tour

穿汉服体验 Wearing Hanfu experience (Traditional Ancient Chinese Clothing)

For a moment, it seemed to have traveled back to ancient times, to the legendary and mysterious Sui and Tang Dynasties.

There are many Hanfu experience halls around the ancient city of Luoyi. The average cost of clothes + hairstyle + makeup + follow-up photography experience is 200-500 RMB

Luoyang Tour

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