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  • Chinese name: 青海 Qinghai
  • Location: South of Northwest China
  • Best travel time: from June to August
  • Recommended Tour days: 2-6 days
  • Area: 722300 km²
  • Areas under its jurisdiction: 2 prefecture-level cities, 6 autonomous prefectures
  • Government Residency: No. 12, West Street, Chengzhong District, Xining City
  • Telephone area code: 0971
  • Postal code: 810000-817200
  • Climate conditions: plateau continental climate
  • Population: 5,924,400 (resident population in 2020)
  • Famous attractions: Qinghai Lake, Kunlun Mountains, Hoh Xil, Three Rivers, Ta’er Temple
  • Airport: Xining Caojiabao International Airport, Golmud Airport, Yushu Batang Airport, etc.
  • Railway Station: Xining Station, Golmud Station, Delingha Station
  • License plate code: 青A-青H
  • Gross Regional Product: 300.592 billion yuan (2020)


Qinghai is unique for the majestic and majestic natural scenery of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. The well-known Qinghai Lake is China’s largest inland saltwater lake. The 10,000 mu of rapeseed flowers in July and August attract many tourists. Both the Yangtze River and the Yellow River originated in Qinghai. The scenery at the source of the Yangtze River is beautiful, and the ice tower forest tens of meters high rises into the clear sky, stretching for dozens of miles, as graceful as a crystal peak and ridges, with a variety of resources. Qinghai has a sea of golden flowers, dazzling snow-capped mountains, and clear water like the sea. The source of the Yellow River has pleasant scenery, luxuriant water plants, lakes and creeks dotted around, which is very spectacular. Qinghai is a multi-ethnic area where Han people live
The folk customs of ethnic groups such as Tibet, Tibet, Hui, Mongolia, Tu and Salar are unique.

QingHai Tour

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QingHai Tourist Map QingHai Tourist Map

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QingHai Travel Guide

How long does it take for QingHai GanSu Big Loop Itinerary to take a few days?

The basic route of the big loop line is about 2,700 kilometers, and it takes at least 7 days. we suggest spend the less time on the road everyday,more time to visit.

I have plenty of time, can the big loop line take more days?

The normal seven-day loop, in fact, you also missed a lot of beautiful scenery in the northwest ^_^ For example: Hara Lake, Yadan on the water, Duck Lake, Tosu Lake, Sugan Lake, Yulin Grottoes, Yumen Old Town, Shandan Army Racecourse, Pingshan Lake Grand Canyon, Bayi Glacier…. If you are in October, you can also join the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base and the Huyanglin of Ejina Banner. Therefore, on the basis of seven days, there are actually many attractions that can be added. It is ok to walk for about 10 days.

What is the cost of chartering the big loop?

Under the normal seven-day loop, all the expenses of a person are basically around 4,500-7500 yuan (including all expenses such as fare, accommodation, tickets, etc.). In July-August, the cost will be slightly higher, because the accommodation along the way was slightly expensive.

The big loop is a bit expensive. Is there any way to save money?

When traveling, some money can be saved, some money can’t be saved, Qinghai Gansu chartered car prices are almost transparent, no need to save in this section,.

The first element of saving money: book in advance, order as soon as possible. Determine the itinerary in advance, ticket as soon as possible, and book a car, because the number of tourists in the northwest is rising every year. When the tourist season is over, the car is tight, and the price will rise.

From the end of July to August, the 7-15-seat car on the northwest side is basically no longer available. At that time, the price is higher, and the car cannot be ordered, or the price is absurd. Book as early as possible, and book accommodation as soon as possible. The accommodations in Heimahe and Dachaidan are notoriously bad, and they are also famous. If you can book online 1-2 months in advance, there are a few places in these two places. For the Youth Hostel, booking a bed, the price is relatively acceptable. Don’t wait until you set off, then book the guest house for more than 500 CNY per nights.

Qinghai has a high altitude and will it react to the plateau?

Plateau altitude rarely occurs,and it is out of control even some pre measure.

What you really need to pay attention to is that you should rest well before you leave. Don’t let the plane land in Xining and start the big loop directly. It is best to have a half-day rest and adjust your physical condition.
What if high altitude happen? Don’t go to the roadside store to buy portable oxygen, it is best to go to the local health center to buy medical oxygen.

Are the accommodations worse on the loop ?

The price of accommodation in the two places of Heima River and Dachaidan is relatively expensive (400-500 yuan in the standard room in July and August). The room condition is of course not in line with its price, but… no way, the relationship between supply and demand is like this.

The accommodation in Heimahe is changed to the accommodation in Chaka Town. The price of the tea card is cheaper than that of the Heima River. At the same time, you can watch the sunset at the tea card (the tea card sunset is absolutely amazing). Some people feel sorry to miss the sunrise over the Heima River. In fact, the Heima River has to look at the weather when it is sunrise, and there are many people watching the sunrise, but the road to go is extremely narrow. I often go back and forth on the road for an hour in order to watch the sunrise… So, go to the tea card to watch the sunset~ For the accommodation in Dachaidan, we cooperate with several local herdsmen to provide family hotels for our westbound tourists in the summer. Clean, hygienic, price comparison hotel, a lot cheaper, really cost-effective

What kind of clothes do you need to prepare for the big loop?

Of course, it is beautiful clothes~~~ Hahaha, the temperature difference between the northwest and the night is big, even if it is in the northwest from July to August, it is recommended that you bring a thin down jacket, or a thick coat to prevent cold in the morning and evening. In terms of taking pictures, the colors of red, pink and yellow clothes are all good choices. The area is sparsely populated and the color is single. If there is a touch of bright color, it is really beautiful.

What delicious food along the way?

Handmade yoghurt in Xining, shabu-shabu mutton in Dachaidan, and yellow noodles in Dunhuang…. Generally, the master will recommend it to you on the road. What to eat, depends on the daily mood? Our driver’s master has a long food list in everyone’s mind. He will recommend it to you on the road.