ChaKa Salt Lake

  • Chinese name: 茶卡盐湖
  • Foreign name: Caka Salt Lake
  • Location: South of Wulan Chaka Town, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province
  • Location: 青海省海西州乌兰茶卡镇南侧
  • Climate type: Plateau continental climate
  • Lake area: 105 square kilometers
  • Lake elevation: 3059 meters
  • offical website:
  • Official phone number: 0977-8246999, 0977-8240129
  • Opening hours: all year round 6:00-22:00
  • Recommended Visiting Time:half Day
  • Tickets 70 RMB/small train (one way) 50 RMB / cruise (one way) 90 RMB / battery car (one way) 5 RMB / sightseeing tower 20 RMB
  • Virtual Tour:
QingHai ChaKa Salt Lake

ChaKa Salt Lake

Chaka Salt Lake is located at No.9, Salt Lake Road, Chaka Town, Ulan County, Haixi Mongolian-Tibetan Prefecture, Qinghai Province. Ocean.
The Chaka Salt Lake has an average elevation of 3,059 meters, a lake area of ​​154 square kilometers, and a scenic area of ​​30 square kilometers. This is an important site of the ancient Silk Road. It is the intersection of National Highway 109 and National Highway 315. It is 298 kilometers from the provincial capital Xining to the east and 200 kilometers from Delingha to the west. It is known as the east gate of the Qaidam Basin.

Chaka Salt Lake is surrounded by snow-capped mountains. The calm lake surface is like a mirror, reflecting the beautiful and intoxicating sky. It is known as the “mirror of the sky in China”. In the world of salt, strolling on the lake is like walking on the clouds. The water reflects the sky, the sky is earthed, and people walk in the lake, like a middle-reaching painting.
The Chaka Salt Lake has beautiful scenery throughout the year. The white clouds hanging in the sky in the spring fall in the lake. It is not clear whether the salt is whiter or the clouds are whiter. The blue water of the lake is refreshing with emerald green in summer; it is dry in autumn. The lake is icy and clean, flat and boundless; the desolation and barrenness of winter are more challenging.

Chaka Salt Lake is also famous for its abundance of green salt, making it the first green edible salt production base in China. In recent years, it has enjoyed a high reputation in the international and domestic tourism circles and Qinghai-Tibet Plateau scenery tours for its production and tourism. The number of tourists has increased year by year. It has been rated as one of the “55 places to go in a lifetime” by the National Tourism Geography Magazine.

Qinghai ChaKa Salt Lake

ChaKa Salt Lake Tourist Map

QingHai Tourist Map QingHai ChaKa Salt Lake Tourist Map

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ChaKa Salt Lake Travel Guide

  1. Best Time to Go: being earlier to avoid the rush hours tourist
  2. photo taking depends on the weather
  3. red and Bright color clothes are preffered for nice photo
  4. bring your Sandle slippers instead of buy shoe cover
  5. activity:

The Best Tour Season

It is best to go to the tea card from June to July, and the tourist season in 7.8 months. A large number of tourists come to the lake to trample the damage seriously. If you can’t basically see the pure white salt lake in August, many of them are black mud groups that have been stepped on. Therefore, every winter scenic area must be closed for renovation, and it will be reopened in 5.6 months. However, Qinghai’s June is relatively cold. It is recommended that July 10-20 is the best time to travel. At this time, people are relatively few, and they can go to the MengYuan to see the most blooming rapeseed.

The Tour Time

The recommended way to travel is to buy a small train ticket in the old auditorium, get off at the Central Lake District Pier (about 20 minutes), and then walk back (about 1 hour), which saves time and effort, and the whole process adds up to about 2- 2.5 hours or so.

The train path in the tea card scenic spot divides the lake into two, so friends who go to the morning can shoot the lake on the right, the lake on the right is just right, and it is wider than the left. The friend who went to the afternoon took the lake on the left. The disadvantage is that it is smaller than the lake on the right. The advantage is that you can watch the sunset.

If you come to the tea card in the afternoon, you can also stay in the tea for one night, but the accommodation will be more expensive. It is not too late to enter the scenic spot at 4 o’clock, because the sun is going to fall at 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening, and it is just right to take the tea lake to the left of the lake at 4 o’clock. The left side is not backlit.

Can take the reflection and the mirror of the sky, after a variety of pats, 7 o’clock can be transferred to the other side of the lake, watching the sun set, go to the center of the lake to shoot the silhouette. Many people missed the most beautiful sunset of the tea card because they didn’t plan to stay in the tea.


The light is very strong on sunny days, and there is reflection from the lake. It needs sunscreen preparation, and it is best to prepare a pair of sunglasses to protect the eyes.

wearing colorful clothes, the red dress is worn by many people, it is also very classic. As long as it can be nicely matched with white.

wear a pair of slippers into, one is to prevent the salt in the water is relatively rough, and the second is to take off at any time when taking pictures. In order to protect the ecological environment of Chaka Salt Lake, the scenic area has specially customized renewable environmentally-friendly shoe covers, which can be rented at low prices in the scenic spot. Please do not bring other shoe covers provided by non-scenic areas to the lake.

Chaka Salt Lake area about 3,000 meters above sea level, should pay attention to not vigorous exercise, so as not to produce altitude sickness.


  • 1. There is a hotel in the scenic area, but the price is really not cheap! However, it is very convenient. It is very convenient to watch the sunset at night, and you can watch it again the next day.
  • 2. Living in Chaka Town, Chaka Town is very small, there are not many accommodations, and the conditions are very general.
  • 3. If it is convenient for the trip, it is recommended to live near the Heima River. There are relatively many accommodations here, and the environment is average.

Salt Lake Photography Tips

  • 1, be sure to stand! Do not move your feet! The most beautiful thing about the tea card is the reflection, so you must stand still in the middle of the lake, and you will be confused when you move your eyes. There is no such beauty.
  • 2, when encountering the backlight, try not to take close-ups and shoot the distant view.
  • 3, try to capture, do not look at the lens. The expressions made in this way are the most natural. Although there are a lot of waste films, it is quite good to choose a few of them, to avoid shooting scenes.
  • 4, take a small train to enjoy the scenery along the way, take a few shots by the way, very nice!
  • 5, you can shoot the stars! Located in the Chaka Salt Lake at 36°18 north latitude, there is a train on the edge of the salt lake. Under the stars, it seems to take you to the fairy tale.
  • 6, if it is a mobile phone vision map, I suggest that you directly use Apple’s own, you can increase the saturation, and contrast, color enhancement, the basic is very beautiful.
  • 7, SLR use LR, will not color can be more than a few presets on the Internet, there will always be suitable for you. Ps: With a dimming mirror, the effect of shooting is even better.
  • 8, don’t drop your mobile phone into water by accident.