QingHai KanBuLa National forest Park

  • Chinese Name: 坎布拉国家森林公园
  • Address: 青海省黄南州尖扎县西北部
  • Tel: 0973-7702108;0973-8742396
  • Opening Time:June 15th – September 15th 7:00-19:00, 16:00 stop admission; September 16th – June 15th 8:00-18:00, 16:00 stop admission; Legal holidays are open from 7:00-19:00.
  • Recommended Visiting Time:half day
  • Tickets :50 CNY/High Season; 40 CNY/Low Season
  • offical website: http://kbljq.com/
  • Virtual Tour: https://720yun.com/t/d9bjzzmava8?pano_id=6364352
QingHai KanBuLa National forest Park

QingHai KanBuLa National forest Park

Kanbula National Forest Park is located in Jianzha County, Huangnan Prefecture, Qinghai, about 110 kilometers from Xining by car. The scenic spot is centered on the Yellow River Reservoir formed by the Lijiaxia Dam. The reservoir is green and clear, surrounded by red and steep Danxia landform peaks. The scenery is very spectacular. It is a popular niche tourist destination in Qinghai.

The Kanbula Forest Park has a large area and is dozens of kilometers deep. The main entrance of the scenic spot is located on the east side. After entering, you can take a shuttle bus or a cruise ship for sightseeing, which is divided into water and land tours and lake tours. In addition, if you come from the direction of Guide, you can also enter from the back door of the scenic spot on the west side, which is more convenient.

Water and land tour is the main way of travel now. After entering the scenic spot from the gate on the east side, tourists take a shuttle bus (bus operation form), and pass several scenic spots such as Lingshan Shengshui, Guishan Pinghu, Nanzongfeng, and Xiaoyaochi. You can get off at the viewing platform, and then arrive at the Nanzonggou Wharf on the west side, take a boat here, visit several scenic spots on the water, and then return to the North Bank Wharf near the gate of the scenic spot. Of course, you can also take a boat and then return by car, or just take a shuttle bus. No matter which way you choose, you can visit the scenic spots again.

The main landscape in the scenic area is the reservoir and the surrounding Danxia landform. Since it is located in the upper reaches of the Yellow River, the color of the water is still very green and very clear, and the combination with the surrounding red cliffs is very fantastic. In addition, the trees in the mountains will turn golden every autumn, and the landscape and leaves are very beautiful.

The viewing platforms of Lingshan Shengshui and Guishan Pinghu, where the shuttle bus will stop on land, are good places to take pictures of the spectacular scenery from above, while Nanzonggou is dominated by the continuous and steep Danxia mountain peaks. The scenic spots on the waterway are mainly individual Danxia mountain peaks, which have unique and different shapes, such as bergamot, ancient castle, Wangfu stone, etc., which can be visited one by one.

If you only take a boat, you can choose a water tour around the lake, that is, only take a boat to play around the lake area, which is more suitable for tourists who are short on time. Tours around the lake can visit various scenic spots on the waterway, go to the lake center island deep in the lake area to watch (not go ashore), then return to the North Shore Wharf next to the entrance of the scenic spot, and take a boat tour around the lake for about 40 minutes.

It takes about 3-4 hours for most tourists to visit the whole scenic spot. There are no formal accommodation and restaurants in the scenic spot. Generally, tourists will return to Xining after the tour or go to the next travel destination for accommodation. Please also pay attention to preparing dry food and drinking water. In addition, the scenic spot is only suitable for half a year every year, and the park will be closed in winter. Please check the official website for announcements before visiting.

QingHai KanBuLa National forest Park

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QingHai KanBuLa National forest Park

QingHai KanBuLa National forest Park Travel Guide

  1. After 15:30, private cars can be driven in, 50 yuan per person, plus parking fee 30 yuan (direction based on from guide(贵得) to west gate of senic spot)
  2. before 15:30, the tickets is 240 CNY p/p,including the cost of boat and bus,compulsory
  3. If you pass from Xining, you will take the east entrance of the scenic spot. It is said that private cars are allowed to enter at 16:30.
  4. The west entrance goes about 10 kilometers to a village called Dehong(德洪), which is said to be able to stay.
  5. The most efficient and economical way to explore kanbula is to take a cruise and go on a tour of the Yellow River Fjord for more than an hour. After landing, take a scenic tour bus and continue to explore the landscape of Kanbula Mountain Road. From the observation deck, you can see the panoramic view of Kanbula.

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