• Chinese Name: 扎尕那
  • Address: 甘南藏族自治州迭部县益哇镇(
  • Tel: 0941-5668678
  • Recommended Visiting Time:1 Day
  • Tickets: free
  • Terrain features: steep mountains, shrouded in clouds and mists, like a fairyland


Geographic Location

Zhagana, also known as Zhagala, is located in Diebu County, Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It is a small Tibetan village surrounded by beautiful cliffs. The scenery is beautiful and fantastic, and it is one of the most beautiful places in the entire Gannan Tibetan area.

wonderful rural scenery

The ancient wooden Tibetan dwellings in the village are built along the mountain, and the local people work quietly and honestly between the hillside and the river, forming a wonderful pastoral scenery. Whether it is sightseeing, photography, or visiting the traditional life of simple Tibetan people, it is a wonderful place not to be missed.

Arrival and Actvity

Zhagana is located in the valley of Yiwa Township, Diebu County. It takes about 1 hour to drive from Diebu County and 2 hours to drive from Langmusi. Zhagana is suitable for visiting in July and August. At this time, the grassland is green and the scenery is beautiful. Generally, most tourists come from Langmusi when taking the Gannan and Sichuanbei routes. The regular play time is to arrive in the afternoon of the same day and take a leisurely stroll in the village to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Stay in a Tibetan homestay for one night, and leave after taking pictures of the early morning clouds and sunrise the next morning. In addition, there is a two-day hiking route in the back mountain of Zhagana, which can be rented in the village or walked there.

Transportation between villages

Zhayana Village is divided into four small villages, from bottom to top are Dongwa Village, Yeri Village, Dari Village and Daiba Village. The distance between Dongwa Village and Daiba Village is about 5 kilometers. The road connects four villages. You can walk or drive to visit and take pictures one by one. It takes about 1 hour to walk from bottom to top.

Dongwa Village(东洼村)

Driving in from the entrance of the village, the first thing you arrive at is Dongwa Village at the foot of the mountain. There is a big stone called Dashimen. The hillside next to Dashimen is a suitable place for taking pictures. Here you can look up and take pictures of the beautiful scenery of the village built along the mountain. The back of the village is surrounded by cliffs, and on the top of the village is a Tibetan Buddhist temple. The scenery is fantastic and beautiful. Dongwa Village has a large population and is also a good place to stay. You can stay at the farmhouse here, and then walk or drive to several higher villages. It takes about 1 hour to walk to the high place.

Yeri Village (业日村)

Going up the mountain along the road is Yeri Village. There is an open barley field next to Yeri Village. You can often see Tibetan people busy in the fields. The scene is safe and simple. In addition, there is also a house in Yeri Village where the famous traveler Joseph Locke once lived for more than a year, but now he can only visit it outside.

Dari Village (达日村) Daiba Village (代巴村)

Continue to move forward, and after passing Dari Village, there is a viewing platform with a wide view, which is suitable for overlooking the whole village. You can see the whole village and the fantastic rock wall behind. All the houses are old wooden roofs and earthen wall buildings, which look simple and serene. They form a beautiful picture scroll under the cliff wall, and they are also good-looking photos. Wonderful place. After shooting the panorama, you can retreat back to Dongwa Village for accommodation. Due to the relatively remote terrain, Daiba Village has less scenery to see, so you don’t have to go.

travel expectations

In addition to shooting a lap in the afternoon, there are many other things to look forward to in Zhagana. Every morning, there are almost clouds and mist between the rock walls on the mountain, and at night when the lights are off, the starry sky is also beautiful and brilliant, which is a good opportunity to take pictures. If you have enough time, you can take 1-2 hours to climb the back mountain of Dongwa Village to see the temple on the top of the mountain. The houses you pass along the way are all ancient buildings, and the wooden wedge riveting structure is even more ancient and peculiar. If you are lucky, you may meet kind-hearted locals and be invited to your home to taste traditional delicacies such as tsampa butter tea and experience the simplicity and enthusiasm of the locals.

hiking route

In addition, there is a hiking route about two days behind the village, which can lead to inaccessible lakes and stone forests, with primitive and beautiful scenery. However, this route is only suitable for outdoor enthusiasts, and one night of camping is required. When walking this route, you can rent horses in the village and ask a groom to lead the way. Generally, a horse costs about 150 yuan a day.


Must See Travel Tips:

  • You need to get permission when taking pictures of local residents. The locals are so friendly. You can try to make friends with them and avoid taking rough photos directly.
  • The folk customs of Zagana are still relatively simple, but due to the appearance of tourists, children on the roadside have begun to ask for money. In this case, it is not recommended to give money directly, so as not to establish unhealthy values for local children.
  • If you are invited by local residents to be a guest at home, you can give them a small gift as a thank you. Please do not pay directly, so as not to turn the simple relationship into a paid folk performance.

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Zagana Tourist Map

Zagana Tourist Map

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Zagana Tourist Map

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