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GanSu Langmu Temple
GanSu Langmu Temple Tours
• Chinese Name: 郎木寺
• Address: 甘肃省甘南藏族自治州碌曲县郎木寺镇
• Tel: 18180373652
• Recommended Visiting Time:half Day
• Tickets 30 CNY p/p
• offical website:
China GanSu Labrang Monastery toursGanSu Langmu Temple
China GanSu Labrang Monastery toursGanSu Langmu Temple

GanSu Langmu Temple

Langmu Temple is the name of a small town under the jurisdiction of Luqu County in Gannan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. There are two temples in the middle of Bailongjiang Town. There are two temples on the north bank and the south bank, which are under the jurisdiction of Luqu County of Gansu Province and Zoige County of Sichuan Province. . The temple in Saiqin Temple in Gansu is called “Da Cang Lang Mu Temple”, also known as “Sai Chi Temple”. The buildings are all on the hillside, mostly golden tops, tall and discouraged, and more solemn and beautiful than the Geerdi Temple.

There is a celestial burial platform behind the temple. This is the only celestial burial platform that is allowed to visit in Gannan. It can be seen on the Red Rock Cliff in the middle of the road. It is the best in the sunset.

Opening Time:8:00~18:00

GanSu Langmu Temple Activity
  • Visiting GanSu Langmu Temple
  • Horse Trekking
  • watch the animal
GanSu Labrang Monastery tours

GanSu Langmu Temple

GanSu Langmu Temple

GanSu Langmu Temple

  • What Langmu Temple can’t miss is the debate. The debate is a learning process that the layman can’t understand. His ears are full of excited words, watching the intense body language. The big lama is quietly observing his students, occasionally. There is also a little lama who can’t help but look back. The culture of Tibetan temples, without the explanation of the tour guide, we can only enter as a tourist, hurriedly enter, leisurely strolling, seemingly understand
  • From the temple’s prayer gallery, you can go to the hillside and see the temple panorama.
  • Most of the buildings are built on the mountain, so the roads in the temple are not so good, the bumps are uneven and there are a lot of mud roads. However, the Buddhist temple group unfolds along the hillside, and the unified golden dome is shining, still a little spectacular.

GanSu Langmu Temple Photo

GanSu Langmu Temple Photo

  • GanSu Langmu Temple
  • GanSu Langmu Temple
  • GanSu Langmu Temple
  • GanSu Langmu Temple
  • GanSu Langmu Temple
  • GanSu Langmu Temple

GanSu Langmu Temple Travel Guide

  1. Photographs are forbidden in the main hall. It is also necessary to remove the hat and sunglasses when entering the hall.
  2. The management of Labrang Monastery is entirely autonomous by the Lama, collecting tickets and explaining no charge.
  3. If you buy a ticket, you will have a monk to lead the way and have a fixed tour route.
  4. Going to the longest prayer wheel corridor in the world, it takes about 2 hours to complete a complete turn. It must be noted that the transfer is directional, only clockwise, don’t turn around

GanSu Langmu Temple Video

GanSu Langmu Temple

How to get to GanSu Langmu Temple from LanZhou

• By Bus: From Xiahe, Linxia, hezuo, Maqu and other places, there are direct buses to Langmu Temple, Xiahe to Langmu Temple 71.5 yuan / person, 6:40, 7:40 every day, occasionally change in the off-season
• By Bus: Lanzhou does not have direct bus bounding to the Langmu Temple, generally transfer at HeZuo, to HeZuo 42 yuan / person. At the cooperative bus terminal, you can transfer to the Langmu Temple car, and HeZuo with the Langmu Temple ticket for 50 yuan/person, every day at 6:30, 7:20, 12:00; you can also take Lanzhou at Lanzhou South Bus Station. The shuttle bus to Diebu, get off at the Langmu Temple Bridge and walk about 3 km to reach
• By Car Rental: 3 H 9 Min.
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GanSu Langmu Temple Car Rental with driver

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GanSu DunHuang car rental with driver

  • 5 seats or 7 seats car with good condition
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GanSu Langmu Temple

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