Prince Gong's Mansion

Prince Gong Mansion

  • Chinese name: 恭王府 Gong gong’s Mansion
  • Location: No. 17, Qianhai West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
  • Add:北京市西城区前海西街17号
  • Area: 6.11 hectares
  • Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday 08:30-17:00 (stop ticket checking at 16:10
  • Attraction level: National AAAAA level tourist attraction
  • Ticket price: 40 yuan/person
  • Famous attractions: Daxi Tower, Xiyang Gate, Hoouhou Tower, Yin’an Temple
  • Recommended tour time: 2 hours
  • Offical Website:
  • Tel:(+86) 010-83288149;010-83286859
  • Virtual Tour:
  • Type:National AAAAA level tourist attraction
Prince Gong Mansion

Prince Gong Mansion

Prince Gong’s Mansion is located on Qianhai West Street, Xicheng District, Beijing. It was a large-scale royal mansion in the Qing Dynasty. Prince Gong’s Mansion has gone through the historical process of the Qing Dynasty from its heyday to its decline, so there is a saying that “one Prince Gong’s Mansion is half of the history of the Qing Dynasty”.

Prince Gong’s Mansion is a well-preserved palace complex in my country. It has more than 30 architectural complexes of various types, with exquisite layout and extraordinary style. The whole is divided into two parts, the mansion and the garden, with the mansion in the front (south) and the garden in the back (north).


The mansion covers an area of about 30,000 square meters. It is composed of multiple courtyards running through a strict axis. It is divided into three buildings in the middle, east and west, and each road has three courtyards.

  • Middle Road: The main buildings on Middle Road are Yin’an Hall and Jiale Hall. The roof of the halls is made of green glazed tiles, which shows the majesty of Middle Road and also reflects the identity of the prince.
  • East Road: The main house in the front yard of the East Road is Duofuxuan. Heshen’s son, Fengshen Yinde, later married Emperor Qianlong’s youngest daughter Gu Lun and Princess Xiao, and lived here, making this mansion a The actual princess mansion. The main room in the rear courtyard is called Le Dao Hall, which was the living place of Prince Gong Yixin.
  • West Road: The courtyards on West Road are relatively small and exquisite, and the main buildings are Baoguang Room and Xijinzhai. The architectural masterpiece is the tall and magnificent Xijinzhai. There are exquisitely carved nanmu partitions in the hall, which was built by Heshen imitating the style of Ningshou Palace in the Forbidden City.


The garden is located in the north of the mansion, also known as Cuijin Garden, covering an area of more than 28,000 square meters, with 31 ancient buildings. In order to build the garden, Prince Gong mobilized hundreds of skilled craftsmen. After it was completed, its magnificence was once the crown of hundreds of palaces in the capital, and it is the essence of the garden art of the existing palaces in Beijing. The whole garden is run through with the word blessing, and the theme is clear. The Western Gate in the garden, the stele with the word “Fu” in the imperial script, and the indoor theater building are also known as the “three wonders” of Prince Gong’s Mansion.

Beijing Prince Gong Mansion

How To Get To Prince Gong Mansion

By Taxi

Prince Gong Mansion

Practical Chinese:for taxi driver pls take us to BeiJing The Prince Gong Mansion 请拉我们到恭王府

By Subway

Take Beijing Metro Line 6, get off at Beihai North Station, and exit at the northeast exit of B.

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Prince Gong Mansion Prince Gong Mansion Prince Gong Mansion Prince Gong Mansion Prince Gong Mansion Prince Gong Mansion Prince Gong Mansion

Prince Gong Mansion Travel Guide

Learn about the history of Prince Gong’s Mansion in advance, such as…

Reasonably arrange the time and route. I personally spent most of the day visiting Prince Gong’s Mansion. Many people start from the middle road and there is a lot of traffic. You might consider starting from the other two roads, after visiting the garden, and then back to the middle line.

Prince Gong Mansion Prince Gong's Mansion Prince Gong Mansion Prince Gong Mansion