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How to Plan a Day Tour in the Tianmen Mountain Park?

mount tianmen tour

Tianmen Mountain in ZhangJiaJie

Mount tianmen tour is special and adventurous experience in zhangjiajie trip. 99 bends bus road , 30 mins thrilling cable car , hiking down the 999 steep step , standing on a cliff in the clouds surrounded by natural beauty and tranquility , The aura of top of mountain, paranorma of magnificent view of the mountains ,all of which will leave you special memory.

mount tianmen tour

1.Go up on top of the mountain using Tianmen Mountain Cableway.
Don’t get out at the middle station, go up to the top.

mount tianmen tour cable car

2. Walk on numerous trails on the top of Tianmen Mountain.
To get around the whole mountain you need to go at least 7 km. Many paths are balconies on the rocks, beneath which there are clouds and steep mountain rocks. Other paths go through еру forest, which is part of the Tianmen Scenic Area. There are many options how to get around, we have chosen the path along the outer edge.

If you don’t want to walk that much you can use Forest Sightseeing Cable Car (25 RMB) that brings you straight to Tianmen Temple.

Walking around the mountain, don’t forget to do the following:

  • Admire the views from The Glass Sky Walk.
  • Look at the Buddhist Tianmen Temple, which looks more like a monastery.
  • Look at Heaven’s Gate Cave (Tianmen Cave) from the top point.
  • And, of course, make a million beautiful photos.

mount tianmen tour mount tianmen tour mount tianmen tour

3. Use escalators to go down to Heaven’s Gate Cave.
The main thing is don’t lose time. Escalators works until 4 pm. So be careful with long distances. Sometimes it’s not easy to calculate how long it will take the path becase the road is not flat all the time, it’s a mountainous terrain.

mount tianmen tour mount tianmen tour

4. Go down to the bottom of Tianmen Cave down the stairs with 999 steps.
Those for whom the 999 steps is an insurmountable obstacle, can take advantage of the lifts on the left side of the mountain.

mount tianmen tour

5. Go down from the mountains by bus along the famous Avenue Leading to the Sky.

If you have a car sickness, it would be better to take some pills in advance or take Tianmen Mountain Cableway instead of a bus.

Mount TianMenshan 99 bends road

Mount TianMen Map

Here is a map of Tiianmen Mountain Park, which gives a fairly accurate idea of what it is and helps to think about a suitable route.

Mount TianMen Tickets

The entrance ticket costs 258 RMB and includes a ascent up to the mountain on Tianmen Mountain Cableway.

Operating hours of Tianmen Mountain Cableway:
Spring-Summer-Autumn (Mar 1st – Nov 30th)

• Ascend: 7:30 AM – 4:00 PM
• Descend: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM)

Winter (Dec 1st – Feb 28th)

• Ascend: 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM
• Descend: 8:00 AM – 5:30 PM
mount tianmen cable car

Tianmen Mountain Facilities

The first thing I want to say is that the lower station of the cableway is not a small booth, but a serious building with a variety of services for tourists, including a storage room.

At the top of the mountain there are several points where you can go to the bathroom and buy some food. We bought some snacks on the street. In general there are not a lot of facilities on the mountain. Some people prefer to buy something in the city and bring it to the mountain.

You can find toilets and food location on this map.

mount tianmen tour

Best Times to Visit

April to October is the golden time to travel to Tianmen Mountain, as the temperature during this period is moderate and comfortable. Choose September for drier weather, while there is still warmth at the peaks.
December to February is the best time to appreciate snow scenery on the mountain, and also for snow photography.
The temperature difference between the foot and top of the mountain is large, so bringing some thick clothes to keep warm is necessary.

The scenery is best on clear days. On rainy days there is usually thick fog (cloud) over the mountains, which covers everything. Mists are usually heavy if it rains the day before. The mountains in mist are a mystical scene, so there is an upside to the cloudiness.

mount tianmen tour

How to Get to Tianmen Mountain?

Tianmenshan Park is located 7 km away from Zhangjiajie city. The lower station of Tianmen Mountain Cableway (Tianmenshan Suodao) is in walking distance from the train station and Zhangjiajie Central Bus Station.

zhangjiajie tourist map
zhangjiajie cable car map

3 Ways to Vist Tianmen Mountain

There are only following 3 ways for commuter,attention:no cable up and cable car down.

  1. Option A: Uphill:Cable Car from downtown + Downhill:Sightseeing bus to downtown
  2. Option B Uphill:Sightseeing bus+Downhill:Cable Car to downtown
  3. Option C Uphill:Sightseeing Bus+Downhill:Sightseeing Bus to downtown

After the arrival of top of mountain, you have 2 itineraries to choose,.
one is east line (yellow itinerary), and the other is west line(red itinerary).

mount tianmen tour map

A Route:

Cable car to the top of Tiammen Mountain–Visit the attractions on the top–Take escalator down to Tianmen Cave-either walk 999 celestial steps or take escalator down the the foot of Tianmen Mountain-Take sightseeing bus back to city

B Route:

Take sightseeing bus to the foot of Tianmen Mountain-either take 999 celestial step or escalator up to Tianmen Cave-escalator to the top of Tianmen Mountain-Visit the attraction on the top-Take cable car all the way back to city

A Route V.S B Route

You will not miss anything either take A route or B route. According to our experience,B route will be more time smart,as many travelers would like to take cable car uphill, due to the limited capacity,usually will be a long queue waiting in line.

mount tianmen tour

Good to Know

  • The tour requires a lot of walking, including 6 kilometers of easy walking along the cliff walkway and 999 steep steps.
  • Long lines: As the mountain is very famous among Chinese travelers, expect to see large and noisy crowds.
  • The red ribbons along the walkway: The Chinese hang them for special (superstitious) reasons. But these red colors really upset the harmony of the natural greens and grays.
  • No English is spoken and there are no English signs, so it is not easy to find the way in such a big park if you travel alone.
  • The fight for a seat in the tourist bus up to the cave is not something Westerners are used to.

Mount tianmen tour

General Information

  • Place: Tianmenshan National Forest Park (天门山森林区).
  • Location:just south of Zhangjiajie city, Hunan province, China.
  • Height: 1,519 meters (4,983 feet).
  • Mountain Tourist Area: 10 square kilometers (4 square miles).
  • Ticket: 258 RMB.
  • Open: 8.00 am – 6 pm.
  • Time for visit: 1 day.
  • Best time for visit: september, october.

mount tianmen tour

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