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Wolong Panda Base Tour


Wolong Panda Research Center

Wolong Panda Base were devastated by the 2008 earthquake,forturnately now new Wolong Panda Research Center open at 2017.

What You Can Expect:

  • Pass by the 2008 earthquake zone and visit.
  • Visiting the new Wolong Panda Research Center
  • Face to Face Experience
  • Hiking in the Dengsheng Gorge where is the real natural habitat of wild pandas
  • Tracing the footstep of wild Panda.
  • One Day Panda Volunteer Program.(Feeding Panda,Collect The poopoo;making the Panda Cake…)
  • Take a photo with Panda at WoLong Panda reserve
WoLong Panda Tour Package

WoLong Panda Tour Package:

3 Days ChengDu-WoLong Panda Base Tour from 300 USD/per
3 Days ChengDu-WoLong Panda Base Tour from 400 USD/per

wolong panda


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How to get to Wolong National Nature Reserve from chengdu

wolong panda

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chengdu panda

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