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QingHai Lake

Qinghai Lake, “a blue sea” in Mongolian and Tibetan, is the largest inland salt lake in China, covering an area of 4,500 square kilometers (450,000 hectares). With an average depth of 20 meters, the lake is known for its vast expanse of misty and wavy blue water.

Around the lake is the endless stretch of picturesque grasslands, rapes and wheat fields. Countless sheep, cattle, and horses are grazing graze under the white cloud-dotted blue sky.

A fascinating attraction of Qinghai Lake is the Bird Island, a sanctuary for many kinds of birds, which is one of China’s eight key bird nature reserves. Covering an area of 0.11 square kilometers (11 hectares), the island provides habitats for over 100,000 migrating bird sits from South China and Southeast Asia. Such a density is rare in the world.

The splendid scenery of Qinghai Lake has attracted millions of tourists. May, June, and July are the best months to go and see the birds.

Admission:270 yuan (US$42.38)/person

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