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Qinghai Province, abbreviated as “Qing” in Chinese, got its name from its Qinghai Lake, the largest inland saltwater lake in the country. The province lies on the northeastern part of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau in west China, bordering Gansu and Sichuan provinces, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and Tibet Autonomous Region.

As the origin of the Yangtze, Yellow, and Lancang rivers, Qinghai has an area of 720,000 square kilometers, the fourth largest in China. Its territory includes 31.6 million hectares of grassland, 589,900 hectares of cultivated land and 250,000 hectares of forests. The remaining are mountains, lakes, deserts, gobi and glaciers.

QingHai Tourist attractions:

ChengDu Panda Tours MapQingHai Tour|Travel Video

ChengDu Panda Tours MapQingHai Tour|Travel Map

qinghai tour map
qinghai tour map

ChengDu Panda Tours MapQingHai Tour package|Travel Itinerary

qinghai lake

3 Days QingHai Tour

itinerary: xi’ning city/qinghai lake/caka salt lake…..
Day 1: arrival at XiNing city by flight or train.free time
Day 2:Taer Temple and QingHai Lake Tour.accomadation:qinghai lake
Day 3:CaKa Salt Lake,and departure from XiNing

qinghai lake

4 Days QingHai Tour

itinerary: xi’ning city/qinghai lake/caka salt lake…..
Day 1: arrival at XiNing city by flight or train.free time
Day 2: menyuan flower sea and qilian mount visiting
Day 3: CaKa Salt Lake, and QingHai Lake Tour.accomadation:qinghai lake
Day 4: departure from XiNing

qinghai tour

QingHai Tour|Travel Guide


The Xining Mansion (Xining dasha, Tel: 0971-8149995) near the intersection of Bayi lu and Jianguo lu. A fairly decent two-star hotel to the east of the Great Mosque. The main branch of CITS is housed within. Doubles with a bath in the older building are upwards of Y50. In the newer building they are around Y100.
The Qinghai Minzu Hotel (Qinghai minzu binguan, Tel:0971-8225951) on Dongguan dajie, just west of Huyuan jie. A fairly modern building that is central, has decent service and very cheap triples. Just to the west of the Great Mosque. Triples range from Y20 -50 depending on standards. Doubles are around Y100.
The Yongfu Hotel (Yongfu binguan, Tel: 0971-8140236) near the Jianguo lu/Binhe lu intersection and the Huangshui River, opposite the bus station. This is the best of the cheaper hotels in town, with friendly service and dorms for around Y25.
The Youzheng Gongyu Hotel (Youzheng gongyu binguan, Tel: 0971-8140711) at 138 Huzhu lu. Fairly clean rooms, in a paradoxically grotty hotel that is just to the east of the railway station. Dorms are around Y20, doubles with attached bathroom for Y40.

There are a couple of reasonable restaurants round the Yongfu Hotel. Stalls and restaurants around here serve mostly Muslim food, including kebabs and mutton dishes.The hotel restaurant itself – a tiny place round the back of the building – has a cheap menu. If you want to sit outside, walk around the building to the right from the hotel entrance, and there’s a Muslim restaurant with a terrace and awnings. For excellent noodles, or a local breakfast of zasui soup made with ox and sheep entrails, try the place a couple of minutes to the south down the main road from the Yongfu. It’s the last building in a little row of shops and has a mosque-like exterior.
The best places to eat in Xining, however, are the markets downtown. The street leading east of Da Shizi fills up with food stalls during the evening and you can walk up and down sampling what you like. The shaguo – earthenware hotpots full of tofu, mushrooms and meat cooked in broth – are excellent. You can also get excellent jiaozi, hundun soup and other basic dishes prepared on the spot. The yoghurt here is good, too. The covered market, Shuijing Gang, with over 3,000 stalls, offers not only local food, but also specialities from all over the country. Many of the stalls are open until late at night, their stoves blazing in the dark. From the main street, walk down through the market, past the shops (Shuijing gang shangchang), to reach the area where you can sit and eat. For something more upmarket, try the Chinese-Western restaurant on Bei Dajie, just north of Da Shizi ( Bus No.1 will take you to the Dashizi stop and from here it is a short walk north near Yinma jie).

Other Practical Info.
Qinghai XiNing Live Weather

Most important facilities are located around the large traffic circle, Ximen. The main Bank of China (Mon-Fri & Sat am) is a huge building on Dongguan Dajie near the mosque, though any of the branch offices can also change travellers’ cheques – there’s one just west of Da Shizi. The main post office , where you can also make IDD telephone calls, is on Da Shizi; you enter by climbing the raised pedestrian walkway. You’ll find another office for making IDD calls a few minutes east of the train station. The telecom office on Tongren Jie, by the intersection with Wushi Jie, has a room full of computers on the second floor, open from 10am to 10pm; Internet access is Y10/hour.

There are two or three travel agents in town that may come in handy for buying train or plane tickets, or for organizing trips to more remote parts of Qinghai. The Qinghai Jiaotong Luxingshe (tel 0971/8149504 ext 2626), based at the front of the long-distance bus station, offers tours to Qinghai Lake. Qinghai CITS (tel 0971/8238701), housed in the Xining Guest Hotel (front building), can organize trekking, rafting, mountaineering or other adventure holidays, usually at fairly short notice.

QINGHAI tour tips:

1.best time to visit qinghai is March-November
2.since plateau,due to sickness. you need to be good condition.
3.choose qinghai train is good choice for your trip.
4.cycling around the qinghai lake is wonderful experience.
5.chaka salt lake is compared to Bolivia Salar de Uyuni.

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