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ChengDu Panda Breeding and Research Center

The Panda is the Highlights in Chengdu tour, There are 4 Main Panda Bases in Sichuan; Each base is unique, however Chengdu Panda Base is the most convenient, close to downdown—30 mins car ride;But during weekends and public holidays, it will be very crowded.

Chengdu giant panda center of breeding and research attracts almost 100,000 overseas visitors each year. Covering tens of hectares with bamboo groves and a native-like habitat, have more than 150 pandas, you will see pandas from baby to adult.

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Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding

  • Chinese Name:成都熊猫基地
  • Chinese Add:China, Sichuan Sheng, Chengdu Shi, Chenghua Qu, 外北熊猫大道1375号map
  • WebSite:
  • Phone: +86 28 8351 0033
  • Opening Hours: 7:30 AM – 6:00 PM
  • Admission: 58 RMB/Person
  • Sightseeing Golf Car Tickets: 10 RMB/Person
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ChengDu Panda Tour
ChengDu Panda Reserve
ChengDu Panda Breeding Center
China ChengDu Panda Base
China ChengDu Panda Base
China ChengDu Panda Base

ChengDu Panda Tour Video,travel guideChengDu Panda Tour Video

ChengDu Panda Tours Travel Guide

  1. Be an early bird , morning is the best time to see active pandas.Especially in summer, when temperature gets high, panda will become languished and stay inside the air-conditioned enclosure.
  2. when entry, either walk or take the sight-seeing car(sometimes long queue) into the base
  3. Moon Nursery and Sun Nursery are the highlights of panda base, where you will see new born babies.
  4. swan lake is relaxing where you will have unexpected fun, feed fish and swans……
  5. Panda souvenior shops are good ideal stop for shopping.
  6. Please note,Chengdu Panda Breeding Center doesn’t offer panda photo and panda volunteer program.Travelers need to visit Dujiangyan Panda Ark instead.
    Please contact us in advance, we will help you to check availability of panda photo and panda volunteer, and make reservation in advance.
  7. Early reservation for panda photo and volunteer is highly recommended,as there will be limited participants for panda volunteer&panda holding programs.

chengdu panda holding cost,chengdu panda base

ChengDu Panda Tours Map

chengdu panda base tour map

How To Get To ChengDu Giant Panda Breeding Research Center

By Taxi
30 mins from chengdu downtown 17.9 KM,cost about 50-100 rmb by taxi
Practical Chinese for taxi driver:

Please take us to Chengdu Panda Base
By Subway+ Transfer

Metro Line 3,time:,30 mins from city center
chengdu metro map

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Chongqing wulong Karst Charter Car, car rental

ChengDu Hotel–Panda Base Car Rental

5 seats car with driver
60 USD total (round trip)

Chongqing wulong Karst Charter Car, car rental

ChengDu Hotel–Panda Base Charter Car

7 seats car with driver (buick GL8)
90 USD total (round trip)

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ChengDu Panda Tour Package

Chengdu panda center tour

Chengdu Panda Base plus City Highlights Leisure Tour

Tour Highlights
1Visit Chengdu Panda Breeding Center, see the unbeatable cuties from baby to adult
2Have a cup of jasmine tea and enjoy the authentic and tasty Sichuan style lunch in the over hundred years old Local Tea house
3Browse the countless interesting shops in the Wide and Narrow Alley and check out the local market nearby
4Accompanied by informative and friendly local guide throughout the whole tour
5Private car at your service during the trip, hustle free

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Chengdu panda tour

1 Day DuJiangYan Panda Holding Tour From ChengDu

Tour Highlights
1Best value for money, our panda holding tour is the most reasonable choice, no unnecessary fee and hidden charge
2Once of life time memory
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Chengdu panda tour

1Day Chengdu Panda + Leshan Giant Buddha Private Tour

Tour Highlights
1Visit 2 most iconic hightlights of Chengdu in 1 day
2Accompanied by informative and friendly local guide throughout the whole tour
3Private car at your service during the trip, hustle free
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Chengdu panda tour

2 Day Chengdu Panda +LeShan Giant Buddha +Mount Emei panoramic Tour

1Panda Breeding Center,see the unbeatable cuties.
2Take brand new high -speed train,mingle with local,faster&save.
3See the biggest Buddha in the world.
4Visit the Golden Summit and tranquil Fuhu monastery in Mt.Emei,find your own inner peace.
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Where to see Pandas in Sichuan China
ChengDu Panda Center
DuJiangYan Panda Park
YaAn Bifengxia
WoLong Panda Base

2016 ChengDu Panda Volunteer
DuJiangYan Panda Volunteer
China Panda Volunteer
Cost:700 RMB/person
About 106 USD/person

2016 ChengDu Panda Holding
DuJiangYan Panda Photo
China Photo with Panda
Donation:1800 RMB/person
≈ 285 USD/per

yaan panda base

YaAn Panda Base
  1. 150 KM from chengdu city, approximately 2.5 hour drive
  2. Nested in the Bifeng Valley, ideal haven for panda
  3. Less tourist,quiet

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wolong panda base

WoLong Panda Base
  1. 155 KM from chengdu city,appro 2.5 hours drive from Chengdu
  2. Real natural habitat for pandas
  3. Less tourists,quiet
  4. Travelers will see new born babies

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