2020 China Chengdu Panda Volunteer Program

2019 dujiangyan Panda Volunteer program tour from chengdu

2020 China Chengdu Panda Keeper Program

Dujiangyan Panda Base, 60KM apart from Chengdu City where you can do both panda picture and panda volunteer program.Participate panda volunteer program ,work as panda keeper,and take picture with young cutie,gain once of life time experience

Panda Volunteer Experience:

Participants will prepare the bamboo, clean the enclosure, collect the panda pupu, feed panda face to face, and make your own style of panda cake.

Panda Volunteer Certificate:

At the end of the activity, participants will receive the donation or Panda Volunteer certificate and memorable souvenir.

Price: No overcharge, No Hidden Charge
Choice: Right choice save you at least 100 -500 USD

DuJiangYan Panda Base (Park) Tour

• Chinese Name: 都江堰熊猫乐园(基地)
• Address: dujiangyan daguan town Sichuan,China(60KM from chengdu)map
• Opening Time:09:00AM~18:00PM
• Tickets:58 rmb/per
• Recommend tour time 2-3 hour
• Buliding Time:2013
• Panda Number: < 45pcs
• Phone: 028-85044854
• Email: pandaeducatecenter@163.com

china dujiangyan panda volunteer

china dujiangyan panda volunteer 2019

2020 DuJiangYan Panda Volunteer Cost From Chengdu China

We have successfully served more than thousands of participants

No Matter what you see difference at other place,regard WestChinaGo as standard.

2020 ChengDu DuJiangYan Panda Volunteer Price:700 CNY ≈ 105 USD
DJY Panda Keeper Total Cost
1 Person 105 USD
2 Person 52.5 USD p/p
3 Person 35 USD p/p
4 Person 35 USD p/p
5 Person 30 USD p/p
For the totally same tour, you can check the final total cost compared with all offer, WestChinaGo is the best choice, saving your 100-500 USD.

Including the following:

Round trip transportation(chengdu hotel pick up and dropoff@5 seats car)
Entrance fee
Sightseeing car transportation inside the facility
Panda Volunteer certificate
Panda souvenirs
Healthy report for Panda Volunteer
Reservation service fee
(DJY Panda Base’s English speaking staff will guide you throughout the panda volunteer program)

Excluding the following:

Panda Volunteer Program: (700 CNY= 105 USD p/p)you directly pay to dujiangyan panda basecompulsory !
Optional Extra Tour Guide:60 USD
Personal Expense

  • Panda Volunteer Photo Gallery

    dujiangyan Panda Volunteer

  • DuJiangYan Panda Photo Video

    dujiangyan Panda Volunteer

  • DuJiangYan Panda Program

    dujiangyan Panda Volunteer


    Panda Volunteer Tips

    dujiangyan Panda Volunteer

ChengDu Panda Volunteer Video
[iframe width=”100%” height=”555″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/I6OuI2pCPCY” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen=”true”]
ChengDu Panda Volunteer Program Schedule
chengdu panda keeper
Roundtrip Chartered Car Service

Roundtrip Chartered Car Service

chartered car from chengdu to dujiangyan +Back trip
Itinerary:From Chengdu to dujiangyan panda base,60 KM map
Hotel pickup and drop off service within chengdu 3 ring road
it’s better for us to be paid with RMB Cash
Tour Number Price
Chartered Car for 1 Traveler 700 RMB p/p≈105 USD p/p
Chartered Car for 2 Travelers 350 RMB p/p≈50.25 USD p/p
Chartered Car for 3 Travelers 250 RMB p/p≈35 USD p/p
Chartered Car for 4 Travelers 233 RMB p/p≈35 USD p/p
Chartered Car for 5 Travelers 180 RMB p/p≈30 USD p/p

Charter Car Included/Exclude and Car Photo >>


  • Pay Cash upon arrival of DuJiangYan Panda Base
  • Bank Transfer(3% bank transfer fee will be charged)
  • Paypal (4.4% Paypal service fee wil be charged)
  • AliPay
  • WeChat Pay

You will recieve the invoice at the time of booking.

2020 chengdu dujiangyan panda volunteer

if you don’t intend to do panda works,such as cleaning,carrying…you just want to visiting + feeding the panda, it’s OK,and the total cost unchanged.

1 day dujiangyan panda volunteer tour

1Day DuJiangYan Panda VOLUNTEER FROM Chengdu

  • No over-charge, No hidden charge, No Rip-off
  • The Best Choice, regardless of all the offers and slippery business
  • Healthy-Report:Worry-free
  • Fast Reservation
  • flexible payment
  • Perfect Experience

For the totally same tour, The Best Deal beating all the offer.saving you at least 100-500 USD.

ChengDu Panda volunteer Tour

2020 DuJiangYan Panda Holding Cost From Chengdu China

Sorry Panda Photo is not available now.

chengdu photo taking with panda holding

China Panda Official Donation:

China Panda Holding WestChinaGo Travel Service

Right Person, Right Things !
The following content will save you more than hundreds of USD dollar

1800 RMB/per≈ 285 usd/perFlat and Authoritative and authentic and root and Conscience Price, directly paid to WestChinaGo for secure booking.

Entrance Fee of DuJiangYan Panda Base
DuJiangYan Panda Base Visiting
Once of your life time picture taken with panda
sightseeing car inside the facility
Donation certificate and panda souvenir
Reservation service fee
Health certificate for panda pictureAttention ! 

Transportation to/from Dujiangyan Panda Base
private Tour Guide service:60 USD
Personal expense

Car Rental with driver to dujiangyan panda base

Charter Car —Round Trip

Tour Number Price
Chartered Car for 1 Traveler 750 CNY p/p≈115 USD p/p
Chartered Car for 2 Travelers 375 CNY p/p≈55 USD p/p
Chartered Car for 3 Travelers 250 CNY p/p≈40 USD p/p
Chartered Car for 4 Travelers 225 CNY p/p≈35 USD p/p
Chartered Car for 5 Travelers 180 CNY p/p≈30 USD p/p

Charter Car Included/Exclude and Car Photo >>


  • Pay Cash upon arrival of DuJiangYan Panda Base
  • Bank Transfer(3% bank transfer fee will be charged)
  • Paypal (4.4% Paypal service fee wil be charged)
  • AliPay
  • WeChat Pay

You will recieve the invoice at the time of booking.

Solid Advice For 2018 ChengDu Panda Hug
The Big Bug of ChengDu Panda Holding Cost>500 usd/person exist for long time, The most fall into, and end up being rip-off.nobody reveal the root price except WestChinaGo, The right person are yourself.
FAQ for 2019 China ChengDu Panda Hug&Keeper Program

What’s the flat rate of taking picture with panda and panda volunteer?

China dujiangyan panda volunteer: 700 RMB/person, about 106 usd/person.

China panda holding, flat donation is 1800 RMB, about 285 USD/person.

Where can you find out this useful and saving-money info on all web?
For Potential attenders; the above price message itself worth at least 100 USD. no kidding.

does the China panda holding need the healthy certificate?

Yes.If you had trouble with the health form,please contact us,we will try our best to help..

Are there any public transportation available to Dujiangyan panda base?

The answer is yes and no.
Yes, you can take a bus from Chadianzi Bus Terminal to Dujiangyan city, then take public bus No.102 to Daguan County.Or take the high-speed train from Chengdu to Mt.Qingcheng, transfer to Dujiangyan Panda Base.

how long the chengdu panda holding last?

Usually it will be 20 seconds. The staff from Dujiangyan panda Ark will help you to take photos and videos for you. Get your camera ready before panda picture session.

For solo traveler who participate panda picture program,will anybody help to take picture ?

Yes,there will be staff on site to take picture for the solo traveler.

Can my friend or family member go inside the panda picture area to take picture for me??

If only 1 person do the panda picture,usually the staff will allow one of your friend to go inside to take picture for you.
However,if it is too busy on your travel day,to ensure a peaceful environment,there will be staff to take picture for you.

Do I need a tour guide for Dujiangyan Panda volunteer program ?

According to our experience, it’s not very necessary to hire a guide.
1.Dujiangyan Panda Ark is not big,easy to explore on your own.(Tour map)
2.Our driver will show you the way to office and help you to check in.
3. The English speaking staff will guide you during the panda volunteer work, staff will be on site to enhance the communication between volunteer workers and keepers.
4. The Official cost:700 RMB/per already included the English service for panda volunteer.
To some extent; you pay 2 times repeatedly if you hire an extra tour guide.,

How do I reserve China panda volunteer and panda holding program?

Step 1:Please send inquiry to : info@westchinago.com
Step 2:Provide the tour detail as below to complete the booking.
1.Travel date
2.Number of travelers
3.Which program do you want to participate:Panda picture,panda volunteer or both?
4.Name of the participant
Step 3:We will check the availability and make reservation for you in advance.
Notice:If you are going to participate the panda volunteer program, we will send you health examination forms.We will advise how to fill out the form.
If you have difficulty to finish the healthy report, please let us know.We will try our best to help.

china chengdu panda hug

2019 ChengDu Photo With Panda

The Best Choice, regardless of all the offers
Panda Base Visiting +Panda Photo
Price From:315 USD/person
Book Now

[iframe width=”100%” height=”500″ src=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/gBaDPrHKMkI” allowfullscreen=”yes” frameborder=”0″]

chengdu panda

i’m confused that china panda photo price start from over than 500 usd/per ,so is there any difference?

Whichever travel agency or tour platform you choose,No matter how much you pay differently,.you go to the same place and do the same thing,.

definitely and eventually you will receive the same treatment.
Why is not smart to order from viator?

For any order, viator(=Tripadvisor) will charge dealer (service supplier) 20% commission,for example, you place order of 500 usd, viator will charge dealer 100 usd,.attention, actually and finally truth is you pay this excessive part. not the dealer. if 2 persons to choose WestChinaGo, you can save more than 300+ USD.

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chengdu photo with panda
China chengdu photo with panda
2019 chengdu panda hug price
2019 chengdu panda holding cost
2019 chengdu panda holding
2019 China panda holding
2019 chengdu photo with panda price
2019 chengdu panda hug

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