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8 Things to know about taking photo with Panda

1.Where can take pictures with giant panda?

Dujiangyan Panda Base is the only place in the world people can take picture with Chinese national treasure-Giant Panda.where is 60 KM distance from chengdu city.

2.How much does china panda picture cost?

The cost of taking picture with panda is 1800rmb/person ≈ 264 usd/per Donation Paid directly to dujiangyan panda base, in this way, you will have no confusion for China Panda Holding Cost any more,it’s root price, Due to the remote location of Dujiangyan Panda Base,the credit card service is not stable,we recommend you to prepare CASH to pay on site

Since we have posted this info, our website’s panda pages have been undertaking the web hack, the more attack, the more we won’t yield.

china panda holding

3.How to book the China panda picture ?

Due to the limited quota everyday,we highly recommend you to reserve the panda picture in advance.Contact us via ,we will help you to book panda picture,we do not charge any fee for reservation.

In addition,* participants do not pay the cost of panda picture(1800rmb donation)to WestChinaGo Travel,pay directly to Dujiangyan Panda Base on site.

china photo with panda

4.How long the photo time last?

it’s routine and fixed time :20 seconds,which is precious for you.even though short, but some our clients can take more than 100 pcs photo, please set mode of Continuous Snap。
*before your turn,open the video mode,then fast snap at the same time,synchronization will make fully use of your time..

dujiangyan panda holding

5.When the photo time start

Please note that not anytime you can take photo,.it’s routine that starting time is 10:30 AM, from Chengdu city to Dujiangyan panda base need about 1.5-2 hours.and pls Takes unexpected traffic jam into consideration.

dujiangyan panda holding

6.Can i accompany with the one who will take photo but i don’t ???

usually the panda staff can take photo for the one, strictly speaking,the other half is not allowed to follow to the site. but if you want to., pls inform first,we’d coordinate with panda base.

dujiangyan panda hug

7.does it need the healthy form??

usually panda holding program does not need medical examination report.before the holding, you are supposed to wear the blue outfit and transparent gloves to quarantine any infectious possibility.

But from april 2017.thing changed, panda base demand that every holder is healthy, and need travel agency’s endorsement.
don’t worry this, just contact ChengDu WestChinaGo Travel Service.

china chengdu panda holding

8.Tips when do china panda pictures

  • Participants have very limited time to sit next to giant panda.Please get your camera ready before you do panda picture.
  • make sure that your phone have sufficient battery.
  • In order to fully make use of every second,WestChinaGo highly recommend participant to do video and take pictures simultaneously,in this way,you will get both video and precious pictures with panda.
  • Do not touch the sensitive parts of panda(ear,face) while you do panda picture.
  • pls don’t overstay than your due.

china chengdu photo with panda

China Chengdu Taking A Picture With Panda

Note:Taking picture with panda is totally depend on the availability of the pandas on that day. it’s supposed to reserve in advance
please advice WestChinaGo the time and person number.,

ChengDu WestChinaGo Travel Service
Ph:(+86) 135 4089 3980

chengdu panda

i’m confused that china panda photo price start from 472 USD/per to 509 USD/per,but not 264 usd/per ,so is there any difference?

Whichever travel agency or tour platform you choose,No matter how much you pay differently,.

definitely and eventually you will receive the same treatment.

china chengdu photo with panda
china dujiangyan panda holding

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