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ChengDu Tour

Chengdu is super big city in the WestChina, with more than 2000 years history, A major political center and hub for business, industry, and education, 281 of Fortune 500 enterprise have established branches in Chengdu city, plenty travel resource like panda ,buddha..make chengdu the hot travel destination more info

Population:15 million
Whether:27°C, Wind NW at 1 m/s, 89% Humidity
History:>2000 years
city scale:rank as 4th in china

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ChengDu Travel Guide

Around ChengDu Tour Attractions

LeShan Giant Buddha

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Mount Emei

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JiuZhai Valley

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ChengDu Tour Package

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1 Day ChengDu Tour: Panda + City Tour attractions
2 Days ChengDu Tour:Panda + LeShan Giant Buddha
3 Days ChengDu Tour:Panda + LeShan Giant Buddha +Mount Emei
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3Day JiuZhaiGou Tour

3Day JiuZhaiGou Tour

106 USD/Person