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Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda BreedingChina Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding
China Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda BreedingChina ChengDu Panda Center
China ChengDu Panda CenterChina ChengDu Panda Center

China ChengDu Tours

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Chengdu is super big city in the WestChina, with more than 2000 years history, A major political center and hub for business, industry, and education, 281 of Fortune 500 enterprise have established branches in Chengdu city, plenty travel resource like panda ,buddha..make chengdu the hot travel destination more info

Population:15 million
Whether:27°C, Wind NW at 1 m/s, 89% Humidity
History:>2000 years
Airport:ChengDu ShuangLiu International Airport (CTU)
city scale:rank as 4th in china

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ChengDu Travel Guide

Around ChengDu Tour Attractions

LeShan Giant Buddha

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Mount Emei

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JiuZhai Valley

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How to Plan China ChengDu Tour

Length Attractions Itinerary Summary
1-day • Panda
• ChengDu City Tour
Option1: Morning:ChengDu Panda +Afternoon: City Tourist Atrractions  

Option2: ChengDu Dujiangyan Panda Volunteer + Panda Photo

Due to the limited, time, visit the iconic sites and do meaning activities.
Night Actvity:sichuan opera face changing show
2-day • Panda + Chengdu City Tour
• LeShan Giant Budda Tour
Day 1: ChengDu Panda Center +City Tour Or Panda Volunteer Program  

Day 2: LeShan Giant Budda Tour Or Mt.Qingcheng+Dujiangyan Irrigation System

Chengdu is more than
For 2 days, travelers will have time to visit other world culture heritage sites to understand more about history and culture.
Night Actvity:chunxi pedestrian street and taikooli
3-day • Panda
• Mount Emei
• LeShan Giant Buddha  


Day 1: Panda Experience  

Day 2: Mount Emei,ascend to the Golden Summit(over 3000m) plus temple stay

Day 3: LeShan Giant Buddha + Departure

To have a more in-depth experience by Extending the trip to holy Buddhist mountain-Emei via Leshan Giant Buddha.
You will reach the Golden Summit, opt to overnight in temple and explore the tea plantation, pick up tea leaves and make your own tea.
3-day • Jiuzhaigou+Huanglong National Park
• Mount Emei
• LeShan Giant Buddha  


Day 1: Jiuzhaigou Arrival  

Day 2: Full Day Jiuzhaigou Visit

Day 3: Huanglong National Park,Departure

3 days is just enough time to visit the most attracting national park in China-Jiuzhaigou+Huanglong.
3-day • Wolong Panda Reserve
• Mt.Siguniang
• Dujiangyan Irrigation System  


Day 1: Chengdu-2h-Wolong Panda Base-3h- Mt.Siguniang  

Day 2: Full day visit in Mt.Siguniang

Day 3: Mt.Siguniang-4h-Dujiangyan Irrigation System-Chengdu

This itinerary is not very classic, yet you will not miss out panda and still can embrace nature and deep history by visiting Mt.Siguniangshan&
Dujiangyan Irrigation System
4-day •Panda Volunteer (Photo) + Mount QingCheng
• ChengDu City Tour
• LeShan Giant Buddha  


Day 1: DuJiangYan Panda Volunteer (Photo) + Mount QingCheng  

Day 2: ChengDu Panda Center + jinli street +chunxi pedestrian street

Day 3: LeShan Giant Buddha
Day 4: people’s park + kuanzhai alley + departur

5-day • ChengDu City Tour
• JiuZhai Valley +HuangLong
• Xinduqiao
• DaoCheng
• Hailuogou 


Day 1: ChengDu Panda Center + jinli street +chunxi pedestrian street
Day 2: ChengDu -jiuzhaigou
Day 3: jiuzhaigou national park
Day 4: west sichuan tour
Day 5: west sichuan tour and back to chengdu
West Sichuan offers breaking taking landscape,
ideal choice for photographers and outdoor
If travelers have more than 5 days, go deep
into the mountain area of Sichuan to unlock the
mysterious minorities and capture the world
class scenery.

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ChengDu Tour Package

China ChengDu Tour Package

ChengDu Theme Day Tour

ChengDu Hot Pot

from :35 USD/person

ChengDu Street Food Tour

3 hours from :45 USD/person

ChengDu MICE Tour

ChengDu MICE Tour

WestChinaGo Good at the Meeting, Incentives; Conferencing/Conventions; Exhibitions/Exposition;Event in chengdu tour.

ChengDu Charter Car, car rental