Leshan Giant Buddha

  • Chinese Name: 乐山大佛
  • Address: Leshan City, China(150 KM from chengdu)
  • Opening Time:8:00-18:00
  • Built Time: 803 AD
  • Subject: Gautama Buddha
  • Recommended Visiting Time:2-3 Hours
  • Height: 71m
  • width: 24m
  • Entrance Tickets: ¥ 80
  • Cruise Tickets: ¥ 70
Leshan Giant Buddha Tour

leshan giant buddha :is the largest and tallest stone Buddha statue in the world, 71m height (233 ft);width:24m, built between AD 713 and 803 (during the Tang Dynasty), depicting Maitreya. It is hand-carved out of a cliff, overlooking from leshan city,you will
see: “The mountain is a Buddha and the Buddha is a mountain” 

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Leshan Giant Buddha Tour Map

Leshan Giant Buddha Photo

leshan giant buddha

Leshan Giant Buddha Video

leshan giant buddha

2023 Leshan Giant Buddha Day Tour Package

1Day LeShan Giant Buddha Tour

  • The Biggest Stone sclputure in the world.the moutain is buddha ,and the buddha is a moutain
  • round trip with cozy high speed rail + local car transfer
leshan giant buddha tour

1Day Chengdu Panda +LeShan Buddha Tour

  • combination with panda and buddha
  • tasty local popular restaurant
  • round trip with cozy high speed rail + local car transfer
mount emei

2-Day Panda+Leshan Buddha+Mt.Emei Tour package

  • See the biggest Buddha in the world.
  • Pilgrimage Tour
  • Get in touch with fresh nature
  • Unique Buddhist atmosphere
  • Opportunity to see the four wonders of Golden Summit

Leshan Giant Buddha Travel Guide

  • There are 2 ways of visiting Leshan giant buddha: One is river cruise (Video),which will last about only 15 mins.you will see panorama buddha.another is to climb up the mount.you will have chance to visit the temple.and walking down the cliff to the foot.usually IT’S crowded,queuing will take 0.5-2 hours.
  • Climbing up the mount will involve lot of walking, so we suggest the senior to choose river cruise.
  • when taking boat cruise,there is the platform on boat for taking pict ure,since it have good position and angle for photo-taking..please atten ion:it is charged.. please confirm the price for either every one picture or for the whole proc ess, sometimes customer possibly be scammed
  • when exiting the gate after finishing the visit the leshan giant buddha, suggest don’t take tri-cycle outside of gate, because of risking of being overcharged, due to language barrier, no more time and right authority to clarify your justice.
  • How to plan leshan giant buddha tour
  • How to get to emeishan from Leshan Giant Buddha
leshan giant buddha

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