Chengdu Happy Valley

  • Chinese Name: 欢乐谷
  • ADD: 成都市西三环交大立交旁
  • Website:
  • Phone:+86-028-61898118 028-61898999
  • Opening Time:09:00-18:00/Day 17:00-21:00/Nights
  • Tickets: From 60CNY–230 CNY/person
  • Children Height: better >1.2m, the program is adventurous
Chengdu SKP

Chengdu Happy Valley

Chengdu Happy Valley is a fun and exciting place to visit for families and friends who want to have a good time and enjoy thrilling rides and attractions.

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Things to do

  • 1.Enjoy the rides
    Chengdu Happy Valley has more than 40 rides and attractions, including roller coasters, water rides, and family-friendly rides.
  • 2.Watch the shows
    The amusement park has several shows throughout the day, including acrobatics, magic shows, and dance performances.

    You can watch the shows in the different theaters and amphitheaters located throughout the park.
  • 3.Participate in the games
    The amusement park has several games and activities, such as archery, basketball, and carnival games.

    You can win prizes and test your skills in these games.
  • 4.Shop at the gift stores

How To Get To Chengdu Happy Valley

By Tax

for taxi driver:
Please take me to chengdu Happy Valley