YangShuo XingPing Old Town

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YangShuo XingPing Old Town

· chinese name: 兴坪古镇
· add:桂林市阳朔县兴坪镇新街
· tickets: free
· recommend time: 3 H
· opening time: all day
YangShuo XingPing Old Town

YangShuo XingPing Old Town Photo

YangShuo XingPing Old Town

  • · Located on the east bank of the Minjiang River, the Lijiang River turned back and flowed here. It is the location of the 20 yuan face value of the RMB on the back of China.
  • · The Lijiang River Essence section can be here after the rafting is over. Compared to the bustling West Street, Xingping has a simple and vicissitudes, and the smooth bluestone slabs are more original.
  • There are eight scenic spots including Jiu Ma Painting Mountain, Luoji Mountain, Lotus Rock and Tianshui Village, and more than 20 scenic spots. Clinton visited the Xingping Fishing Village and inspired many Chinese and foreign tourists.
  • After this, don’t forget to taste the famous “songhua sugar” of Xingping. The brownish-yellow pine candy has crispy quality, dense grain, sweet and crisp, and the entrance is instant.

how to get to YangShuo XingPing Old Town

  1. Shuttle Bus: Take the shuttle bus to Xingping at Yangshuo Bus Station. Every shift is 10 minutes. You don’t have to queue up to buy tickets. You can buy tickets after getting on the bus. The fare is 10 yuan and the journey takes about 40 minutes.
  2. Drifting:The Yangtze River drifts from Yangdi to Xingping, and you can reach Xingping Ancient Town after landing.

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GuiLin YuLong River

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GuiLin YangShuo YuLong River

• Opening Time :08:00~17:30
• Length:43.5 KM
• Width: 38—61 m
• Deep:0.5—2 m
• Visiting Time:2–3 hours
• Phone:0773-8815956;0773-6910808
• Add:jinlong bridge, yangshuo
Age Limitation: 7-70 years old
Person number only 2 persons in a bamboo raft

GuiLin YuLong River

Yulong River is the longest tributary of the Minjiang River in Yangshuo. It has a total length of 43.5 kilometers and a drainage area of ​​158.47 square kilometers. It flows through 5 townships and villages of Jinbao, Grape, Baisha, Yangshuo and Gaotian in Yangshuo County. “Small Lijiang River” is not like Lijiang River. Especially from Yulong Bridge to Gongnong Bridge 15.36 km water course, width 38-61 meters, depth 0.5-2 meters, clear water quality, slow water flow, 28 dams, more than 100 scenic spots, the entire Yulong River scenic spot There is no such thing as a modern building. There are no traces of artificial carving. There is no urban ambiguity. Everything is so primitive, natural, simple and pure. It is the largest pure natural landscape garden in Guilin. If you compare the Lijiang River to the “everyone’s show”, then the Yulong River is a “small family jasper” that makes people feel at ease.

The peaks on both sides of the Yulong River are beautiful and undulating, with numerous shapes and undulations. The riverside grass is green, the bamboo is lush, and the trees are shaded. The water of the Yulong River is like a green jade, clear and translucent, the fish are swimming, the water is swaying, and one by one. The breeze smashed through the surface of the water, and it burst into ripples, like the notes played by the violin, quietly and gently.

Experts at home and abroad have unanimously confirmed that “Yulong River is a world-class natural heritage shared by human beings.” On both sides of the Yulong River, there is an idyllic scenery that is pleasing to the eye. Tianping Oasis, couples embracing, Pinghu reflection, Xiayu Shengjing, Shuangliu Gudu, Dream River Valley, etc., make people seem to enter the poetic realm of harmony between man and nature, returning to the true freedom of heaven and earth.

GuiLin YuLong River Tourist Map

1.凤车码头-工农桥码头 (全程一个小时,共五个堤坝,只是过过漂流的瘾)
3.凤凰码头码头-矮山桥码头 (全程一个半小时左右)

By Taxi
13km from yangshuo city, about 24 mins car ride
By Bus+Transfer
中巴:在阳朔汽车站乘至金宝的中巴车,每15分钟/ 班,在金龙桥下车即可看到码头,约6元/人;
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